Three Steps to a Home You Love: Step 2. Organize

Three Steps to a Home You Love: Step 2. Organize

This is part 2 of my Three Steps to a Home You Love. If you missed part 1, I recommend reading that first. You can find it here.

Step 2. Organize.

Let’s start with the obvious. Once you’ve decluttered your home, you will have far less stuff to organize. (Even more motivation to declutter!) Now, there are a million articles, classes, and books out there about how to organize your home and they can be very helpful if you need detailed advice. But again, I’m all about keeping it as simple as possible so here are just three rules of thumb I suggest.

  • Every item has a home. This means there is a place for every single item in your house and that is where it is kept when not in use.  This is especially helpful for things that are used daily or most frequently such as on-the-go items like keys, sunglasses, bag/purse, etc.; devices and their chargers; coats and hats, pet gear, toiletries, current mail and papers. (More on that below.)
  • Store like with like items. I would bet most of us do this anyway but it’s helpful to keep in mind to avoid ending up with….. the dreaded junk drawer or “misc” boxes. You know the ones!  Just repeat the mantra: “Like with like.”
  • Process mail and papers weekly. This is the one category that deserves special attention because it’s the thing that trips up most people. The best way I’ve found to handle this is to take just one minute and throw away or recycle anything you don’t need as soon as it enters your house or as humanly possible thereafter. With anything you need to deal with later such as bills, things you want to look into, notes to yourself, etc., put them in one bin or folder in one spot. Then, set aside one time each week to go through whatever is in that receptacle. For most people, I find that 30 minutes is enough to stay on top of things. If you invest this little bit of time each week, you’ll never have to face those mountains of paper ever again.

Next up is third and final step: Elevate.