Super Simplified Seasonal Cleaning Checklist

Super Simplified Seasonal Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning doesn’t sound like a very belle activity but it is a necessity for a beautiful and comfortable home. Think of it as an opportunity to set the right tone for the season ahead. I attempt to do this four times a year (spring, summer, fall, and winter) but in a pinch, most people would be fine with once in spring and fall and an abbreviated version in summer and winter.

For me, seasonal cleaning means all the big tasks that aren’t done as part of my daily/weekly cleaning routine. That’s why I find most cleaning checklists to be too much; they seem to include everything under the sun. As adult humans, I think most of us have a general idea of what needs to be done on a regular basis so if you’re like me and just need a basic outline for the big seasonal clean, I came up with this checklist.




Entire House

Dust. Dust everything that normally doesn’t get attention such as light fixtures, tops of doors, etc. Clean air vents. Change all filters (HVAC, hood fan, etc.)

Walls, floors & ceilings. Shampoo rugs, mop/wax floors, wipe down walls, molding, baseboards, and doors, including doorknobs and light switches.

Windows. Dust/clean/wash windows, screens, sills and treatments.


Additionally, By Room

Living Room. Wash/dry clean/beat slipcovers, pillows, couch cushions.

Bedrooms. Wash/dry clean duvets, blankets, and pillows. Vacuum, flip and rotate mattresses.

Kitchen & Laundry. Deep clean all appliances. Wipe down cabinets. Wash trash cans and recycling bins.

Closets. Purge anything you don’t ever wear. You know what those are.


Like with many tasks, sometimes the thought of it is often more overwhelming than the actual thing. Seasonal cleaning is a lot but I hope this helps make it feel less daunting.

And while you’re in the thick of it, just keep thinking about how nice it’s going to feel to kick back in a beautiful, clean house with a nice cup of tea (or adult beverage) and soothing music in the background….. Good luck and happy spring!

[Art: Yerres, the Aviary in the Ornamental Farm, Gustave Caillebotte, c.1871]

Super Simplified Seasonal Cleaning Checklist