Life is Art.

Life is Art.

Hello, friends! Here’s what’s been happening in 2018 so far at FROM THE RIGHT BANK HQ.

In January, as I’m sure you’ve heard by now, we had a serious technical meltdown and I lost all of the old content, instigating FROM THE RIGHT BANK 2.0.

Meanwhile, I’ve mostly been on Instagram posting about my home updates and travels. I’ve also been sharing everything I’m into these days on Stories so please come find me over there if you haven’t already.

Now it’s March and here I am back on the blog! I really want to share more of my ideas and thoughts on living la belle vie so while posts may be sporadic, the blog is back! Like today, I just wanted to share this quote even though I’ve shared it in the past because it’s the perfect encapsulation of la belle vie and it’s my mission to help you live it.


Have a beautiful day and I’ll see you soon!


[Art: Tea in the Garden, Henri Matisse, 1919]