FTRB’s Top Hotels: the Historic Edition

FTRB’s Top Hotels: the Historic Edition

I’ve had a lifelong love affair with hotels. They evoke adventure and a boundless world and embody the romance of travel. Some transport us to another era, others just invite us to live a lifestyle different from our own for a short while, and many inspire us long after we’ve checked out….. I could wax poetic about them forever…….

Well, I’ve had the good fortune to have collected some truly incredible hotel experiences all over the world and while I’m always asked for hotel recommendations, I’ve never compiled any kind of official list. Until now. I thought it was about time I put it all down in one place.

There are quite a few hotels to cover so I’ll break up my list into a few parts. To start, let me share with you my favorite grand dames as well as other hotels housed in historic properties because they tend to be my all-time favorites. I will follow up later in the year with my top resorts. All of them combine beautiful design, a special location/setting/atmosphere, and exquisite service to create magical, special environments that have long stayed with me.

For the record, none of these hotels were comped so you’re getting my 100% unbiased opinion. And a note about the top three: All of the hotels on this list are wonderful properties that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend but the top three really stand out in my mind as having impeccable service. (I’m not high maintenance but I am a stickler for service – there’s a difference! 😉 –  so there are many beautiful hotels that didn’t make the cut at all because service was lacking in some way.) Okay, so without further ado, I give you…….


FTRB’s Top Hotels: the Historic Edition 


Number 1. Aman Venice
Venice, Italy



Number 2. Lake Palace
Udaipur, India



Number 3. The Connaught
London, UK



*****The rest are in no particular order.*****


Galle, Sri Lanka



Gresham Palace
Budapest, Hungary



La Mamounia
Marrakech, Morocco



Palacio Duhau
Buenos Aires, Argentina



Copacabana Palace
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Samode Haveli
Jaipur, India



Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme
Paris, France



Prague, Czech Republic



Governor’s Residence
Yangon, Myanmar



Hotel Grande Bretagne
Athens, Greece



The Gritti Palace
Venice, Italy



Palais Jamai
Fes, Morocco



The Victoria Falls Hotel
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe



Hotel Maria Cristina
San Sebastian, Spain




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