Simple Ways to Celebrate the Seasons

Simple Ways to Celebrate the Seasons

How many times do we find ourselves saying we can’t believe it’s almost the end of a year, a season, or some other marker of time? My mother says as you get older, the years seem to go by faster and faster and now that I’m a woman of a certain age (ahem) I have to agree. And as we grow older, it becomes clear the years are made up primarily of small moments and monumental events are few and far in between. So while milestone birthdays, weddings, births, graduations, and such deserve special attention, the everyday should also be celebrated in small ways. An easy way to to that is by observing the seasons. Here are some ideas for little things to indulge in and do each season to mark every day as occasions. This is at the heart of living la belle vie.



leaf viewing

new arts and culture season

apple everything: cider, butter, sauce, and of course pie/galette/tart/crumble/crisp – and visit an orchard to pick your own if you’re into that sort of thing 😉

a walk in the woods or a national park

homemade soups

crackling fire in the fireplace

warm baths

new fall fashions

pies baked from scratch

harvest festivals

a hot cup of chai or herbal tea in the afternoon

movie nights with all the snacks



holiday lights, trees, store windows, and Christmas markets

real hot chocolate

tree shopping at a Christmas tree farm

chunky sweaters and hand knit wool sock


roasted chestnuts

a Feu de Bois candle (or your favorite wintry scent)

hot cider or mulled wine by a fire

game nights

a cookie baking party

heavy knit blankets on beds and sofas

a splash of eggnog in your morning coffee

Christmas music and movies

 bundling up and taking a walk

hosting a holiday or new year’s dinner party



bouquets of tulips, peonies, and ranunculus

long walks through your neighborhood or city

cherry blossom trees in bloom


Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

farmers’ markets

wild flowers

new season of paperbacks

hosting a spring brunch

cooking with fresh asparagus, peas, and ramps

porch sitting and listening to the rain

spring cleaning (Turn on some music, throw open the windows, and celebrate your clean house after the fact. 😉 If you need some help, here is my Super simplified Seasonal Cleaning Checklist.)



al fresco meals

road trips

ice cream cones


a fresh citrus scented candle

s’mores over a bonfire

outdoor concerts

aperol spritzes at sunset


star gazing


beach reads


This list goes hand in hand with my suggestions for elevating your home into one you love. If you missed it, check out that post for more ideas.

[Art: Olive Trees at Collioure, Henri Matisse, c.1906.]

Simple Ways to Celebrate the Seasons