I’m Ally, an attorney turned lifestyle expert based in the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) and it’s my mission to help you live la belle vie.

Aside from lifestyle expert, I’ve been called a tastemaker, trendspotter, and all of those amorphous terms that I’m slightly loathe to call myself because none of these things existed as a career when I was growing up (which tells you how old I am!). But for close to a decade now, I have been sharing tips and ideas for living la belle vie on tv, in magazines, and online so that’s what’s on my business card…..


So what exactly is la belle vie? To  me, a beautiful life, or the good life, is many things.

It’s injecting beauty and style into the everyday;
It’s creating a beautiful and comfortable home environment that is personal to us;
It’s nourishing our minds and souls with literature, music, and the arts;
It’s expressing our true selves through personal style;
It’s exploring the world and other cultures;
It’s balancing healthy eating with gourmet indulgences;
It’s cultivating a healthy spiritual life in whatever form that takes for us individually; and
It’s slowing down to appreciate the small moments, the people, and the world around us.

Many of these ideas were gleaned from my years living in Paris and absorbing the French knack for living the good life. Hence, the name of this site. I’ve also learned a great deal by observing people living well throughout my extensive travels (57 countries and still going strong).

If all of this resonates with you, you may enjoy….

La Belle Vie Show, my podcast about living a beautiful, meaningful, and happy life;
Notes FROM THE RIGHT BANK, a monthly newsletter of everything I’m into these days; and
Instagram where I post snapshots from my own belle vie;.

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