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What’s Your Style in One Picture Challenge III

*Update 4/01: It looks like when I re-designed the blog, the entries did not make the transition. I’m trying to see if I can get those back. I will also be re-issuing the challenge soon so please stay tuned!*

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come! It’s the return of the FTRB “What’s Your Style in One Picture Challenge!”

In short, the challenge is to find one picture that sums up your design style. I issued the very first challenge in March 2009 and the second one in July 2009.

For my picture, I hate to use this one because I’ve posted it like every other day but it really does sum me up so perfectly!

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

Why? It’s the perfect mix of old and new and different styles and I love every single thing in it: the architectural details, dark hardwood floors, French doors, pale gray walls with white trim, stunning fireplace, Empire chandelier, English rolled arm sofa, modern white coffee table, Beni Ourain rug, contemporary photography, gilt mirror, shot of yellow. Like I said, every. Single. Thing. See why I had to choose it?

So, now it’s your turn. For this challenge, we’re getting even fancier and including pictures. Here is what you do:

1. Post your one picture on your blog with a link back to this challenge.

2. Click on the red “Click here to enter” button below and follow the steps to upload your photo and link. Be sure to provide the URL of your blog post (not your general blog) so it will be easier for people to find.

Please follow these instructions or your entries cannot be included, okay?* And this challenge is open indefinitely so come back anytime to add your post!

Now go find your picture! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

*If you don’t see your picture here, make sure you follow the 2 steps and try again.

Style Quizzes, My Style Challenge, and a Thank You

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

Sue recently posted about the Style Quiz at sproost and since I’m positively obsessed with trying to define my style, I had to see what this one had to say.  Here’s what I got:

65% French Eclectic
35% Vintage Modern

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

I’d say that’s pretty close but it’s not perfect because I’m not sure about the “vintage modern” part. Maybe it knows something I don’t?

This reminded me of the HomeGoods StyleScope created by Domino’s Deborah Needleman that I took a long time ago. That one said I was “Bohemian Classic” which sounds kind of right, too. It also said these were my happy colors:

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

I’m currently using all of these colors (with the exception of brown) so I guess it’s pretty close. So have you all taken these quizzes? What did you think of the results? Do you know of any other good ones?

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

And speaking of styles, I’ve been wanting to reissue my “What’s Your Style In One Picture” challenge for the longest time but life keeps getting in the way. I actually have an idea for a twist on it that I think will be really fun and it’s my goal to get this going by summer. (I guess it’ll be an annual challenge after all – some of you may remember my foolish idea of a quarterly challenge. HA!) So look for it this summer!

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

Finally, I don’t think I thank you enough for visiting my blog and especially for your always thoughtful and sweet comments. With my big move and amped up travel schedule, I’m finding it harder and harder to find time to leave comments on all of your blogs so I just wanted you to know that while I may not always have time to comment, keeping up with your blogs is one of the highlights of my day. So please know that I’m there, even if quietly.  FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

Okay, that’s all. Thanks for reading and I hope your week is off to a great start!

(Source of suitcase photo unknown.)

“What’s Your Style In One Picture” Summer 2009 Challenge So Far

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

I’m thrilled that so far 28 of you have participated in the “What’s Your Style In One Picture” Summer 2009 Challenge. Have you seen all the gorgeous rooms? There are so many, like this one from Aimee at Picnics Under the Moon.

And this one from Anne of the City Sage:

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

and this one from Jane at Ill Seen, Ill Said:

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check them all out here and if you haven’t played yet, come join the fun! Remember, this will be a seasonal challenge so don’t be afraid to commit. You can always have another go in the fall(!) FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

The “What’s Your Style In One Picture” Challenge, Summer 2009

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

Can you find one picture that sums up your design style? This is the challenge I issued a few months ago. (If you’re new to my blog, you can read the original challenge here.)

Well, when I saw this room recently, I practically started hyperventilating. I don’t think you could possibly fit one more thing that I love into this picture:

white floors
natural light
painting in a gilt frame
that armoire which I professed my love for before
the tulip table which I also wrote about before
Bertoias – one of my favorite chairs. I know. I have a lot of favorite chairs.

This room is so perfect for me that I decided it had to be my new “one picture.” And then this got me thinking: I’m sure those of you who participated in the first challenge have come across new rooms that could describe your style and maybe your styles have even changed since then. So . . . I decided I’m going to issue this challenge once every season. That’s right, you can now torture yourself four times a year! [I'm talking to you, Lauren!]

And if you’re new to all this, what say ye all? Are you up to the challenge? Can you find one picture that says “you?” It can be kind of painful but it’s so much fun.

To do a better job of gathering these posts this time, I’ve added a handy dandy new feature. Yup, we’re gettin’ all fancy up in here now.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Post your one picture on your blog with a link back to this challenge.
  2. Add your name and the permalink to your post (not your general blog address) in the form below.
  3. You can give your picture a description in parentheses after your blog name if you like. For example:

Alek (white modern glam)

And that’s it. Just make sure your link goes to the right page so it won’t get deleted. You can add your link anytime and if you’ve done this little exercise recently, feel free to add it now.

I’ll also be keeping a list of all the participants (with a link) under the “What’s Your Style” Challenge photo in the column on the right and it’ll stay there the whole season. [Update: Sorry but apparently I'm too incompetent to make this happen. I hope you won't mind too terribly that the list will remain on this page only.]

Okay, everyone ready? Go find your picture! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

(Photo via the City Sage)

What's Your Style?

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com(shootfactory.co.uk)

I have a hard time describing exactly what my style is. But if I could use a picture to describe my style today, it would be this one right here. I’d actually love to see what everyone else would come up with so, I’m going to try to start a challenge. (I know that’s kind of ambitious since I’ve only been blogging for a few months but I hope some of you lovely visitors will play along.) And I hope it hasn’t been done before but if it has, someone please let me know because that would be kind of embarrassing(!) Okay, so I’d like to get things rolling by asking these design bloggers to post one picture that sums up their style on their blogs and tag 5 others to do the same: Anne at City Sage, Lauren at Pure Style Home, the girls at Seesaw Designs, Erin at Apartment 34, and Blair at Delight By Design. These are chicas whose styles I love, who post something new and wonderful every day and who have been kind enough to comment on my little old blog here. Of course, I’d love it if more people want to participate. So if you do, please  post a pic on your blog and add a link to it in the comments here so we can see what you came up with.

I’ll be away next week so posting will be sporadic – but I hope this little challenge will be active while I’m gone. Thanks for indulging me and have a great weekend.

[UPDATE: This challenge has been more popular than I imagined! If you were tagged and you happen to see this, please leave a comment with your post so we can all see your picture. Thanks!]