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What’s Your Style in One Picture Challenge III

*Update 4/01: It looks like when I re-designed the blog, the entries did not make the transition. I’m trying to see if I can get those back. I will also be re-issuing the challenge soon so please stay tuned!* Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come! It’s the return of the FTRB “What’s Your …

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Style Quizzes, My Style Challenge, and a Thank You

Sue recently posted about the Style Quiz at sproost and since I’m positively obsessed with trying to define my style, I had to see what this one had to say.  Here’s what I got: 65% French Eclectic 35% Vintage Modern I’d say that’s pretty close but it’s not perfect because I’m not sure about the …

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What's Your Style?

(shootfactory.co.uk) I have a hard time describing exactly what my style is. But if I could use a picture to describe my style today, it would be this one right here. I’d actually love to see what everyone else would come up with so, I’m going to try to start a challenge. (I know that’s …

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