Framed Hermes Scarf


When my mother came to visit last month, she saw this Hermès scarf in my closet and she suggested that I get it framed:

Picture 66

Some girlfriends gave it to me as a birthday gift just before we moved from Paris. They knew I had had my eye on this design – it’s a sketch of an aerial view of Paris – and it also made the perfect memento of Paris. (Thanks again, girls!)


Anyway, I thought it was a great idea and looked around the web and found these:


I think it would look great in a dressing room (like the one we talked about last week).


So I think I’m going to do it!


What do you think? Have you ever framed a scarf?

(Photos: 1.Sketch42 2&3.Hermès 4.via CasaSugar 5.Domino 6.via Turquoise Chic)

Manhattan Poster


I’m not normally into prints but the Manhattan Poster by Jim Datz from Three Potato Four is hard for me to resist. I think I’m really drawn to it because being a vagabond, New York is the closest thing to a “home” that I have. It’s the city I lived in the longest, the one I know best and where I feel the most comfortable.


I’m a Manhattanite but for all you Brooklynites (yeah, you’re cooler), there’s one for you too:


Speaking of New York, I’m on my way there now for my usual fix of friends, food, fashion and frolicking. So I’ll be blogging from there tomorrow and Monday. Whoo hoo!

(Photo: Three Potato Four)