Art Walls, Part 10

It’s time for another art wall roundup! This first one is definitely one of the most interesting so far. Look how it starts above the fireplace and is carried over to above the windows. A very clever use of that empty space, don’t you think?

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(Photos: 1.via Tumblr (sorry I lost the exact source) 2.Elle Decor 3.Architectural Digest 4.Atlanta Home & Lifestyles 5.Skona Hem 6.Martha Stewart)

Pink and Yellow Rooms

I bought this block print tablecloth in India last year. I’ve always loved the combination of pink and yellow – especially mustard yellow  – so I snapped this up right away. The other day, I went to bring it out to see how it would look in the dining room and this sent me off on a tangent to see what pink and yellow/mustard rooms I could round up. Here’s what I came up with:

I’ve posted this room before and I still love it:

It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but I think it’s a great combination, especially for this time of year. Are you a fan?

(Photos: 1.FTRB 2.Kelly Wearstler 3.via Bright Bazaar 4.Design Sponge 5.via Pinterest 6.via Isabella & Max Rooms 7.Quadrille 8.This is Glamorous 9.Ngoc Minh Ngo)

Burlap, Animal Prints and More Reupholstering Fun

So I went shopping for burlap fabric to finally reupholster those green chairs of mine.

For those of you who asked about different types of burlap, for any furniture that you’re actually going to be sitting on, you don’t want to use pure burlap like grain sacks because they tend to shed and are scratchy and not very comfortable.  Instead, look for a blend with a good weight. I ended up getting this European linen burlap (at Lewis & Sheron) and it has that great texture I was going for but is also very smooth and soft.

It’ll look beautiful on those chairs, right? Right. But the story wouldn’t be interesting if I actually stuck with a plan, would it? Of course not. So I also got this:

I always love me some animal prints and this neutral one just jumped out at me. I brought it home and draped it on the chairs to see how it would look:

and I absolutely love it, especially against the dark wood! So as of this minute, I’m 99% sure I’m going with this. (I can use the burlap on something else.)

It’s to the upholsterer tomorrow! I’m also going to try to take the settee if it’ll fit in the car. Reupholstering. So much fun!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

(Photos: FTRB)

Hotel Picks From The Right Bank: The Cloister, Sea Island, GA

I spent last week at the Cloister on Sea Island here in Georgia and I was so impressed with the decor I’m making it this week’s Hotel Pick FROM THE RIGHT BANK.

The style is very traditional with a Spanish bent and what really blew me away was the attention to detail. At every turn, there was something beautiful to take in. It is overflowing with amazing art, stunning antiques and gorgeous accessories.

The above are all photos from the hotel’s website and here are some that I took:

The gardens and all the outdoor spaces were so beautifully done.

Isn’t this just so Southern:

Another beautiful room and look at these details:

Here’s our balcony and the views we had:

If you were on Facebook, you already saw that I was obsessing over this mirror in our room:

I was obsessed with a few other things too like this bench (you can see it peeking out in the bathroom photo above):

and all the rugs:

I wanted every single rug in the hotel. And light fixture. And painting. And …..To me, the Cloister is the perfect example of traditional done right.

I also have to mention that the food was superb. Some of the best meals I’ve had in the U.S. Really.

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Spoils from my Vacation

I’ve concluded that the best thing about vacationing in a place that you reach by car is you can pick up anything interesting you find without worrying about how to get it home. Case in point: here are some things I found while antiquing on vacation last week. I wouldn’t have gotten any of it if we didn’t have the car with us.

First, this mirror:

Where will it go? Who knows? Who cares? It was love at first sight.

A pair of adorable little candlesticks:

and a lovely Dutch oil landscape (my weakness):

I found all of these on St. Simon’s Island in one afternoon so it was probably a good thing I didn’t have any more time to shop!

(Photos: FTRB)