Greenery Around the House

I thought you might want to see how my fiddle leaf figs are doing. By some miracle both are not only still alive but doing really well. Look how much they’ve grown! I’ve been keeping them in a very sunny corner, watering them 1-2 times a week and telling them how lovely they are in my sweetest voice and by golly, it’s doing the trick (even after leaving them unattended for a week).

With the figs doing so well, I decided to give herbs another go too. I saw this one-pot herb garden with rosemary, oregano and thyme at Trader Joe’s a couple of weeks ago and it just looked so pretty I brought one home. (The pot is just an old one I had lying around.) Only one sprig of thyme is still hanging on but the rest of it is doing fine. On another visit (I’m there a lot), they also had all these basil plants and it smelled so good I just had to get one. What’s better than a caprese salad for lunch in the summer, right?

I love having fresh herbs on hand and I’m planning on adding flat leaf parsely, cilantro and mint next. I saw some nice looking ones at Whole Foods right before I went on vacation so I need to go see if they still have them.

At this rate, I think I may muster up the courage to get a few more plants for the house like these.

Don’t you just love how much greenery can enhance a space?

(Photos: 1-2.FTRB 3.Martha Steweart 4.House Beautiful)


A Treehouse for Grown-Ups

When I was a child, I really, really wanted a treehouse and looking back, I know a big part of it was just so I’d have another space to decorate. And you know what? Decades later, nothing’s really changed. I’d still love a treehouse and here is the absolute perfect model!

Completely. Obsessed. I need to talk to someone about getting one built in my backyard …..

P.S. I hope you all had a good week and weekend. The coast was fantastic! I’ll have some photos and other things to share a bit later in the week.

(Photos: Chicago House & Garden)