Oldies But Goodies From Abroad: Organic Lights

This designer’s home is filled with her own lighting designs which are metal overlaid with vellum and organic materials.

Totally original. I’m loving all the gray and black against the white floors and walls too.

(Vogue Living Australia, January/February 2010)


Oldies But Goodies From Abroad: Gray Walls and Portraits

The color of the walls in this house just kill me. Throw in some moody portraits and I’m done for. I love this house like crazy.

(Elle Decoration, France, September 2009)

Pure White Heavenliness

I was going to leave you with the Oldies But Goodies series but I had to first post this house because when I saw it, I had to drop everything and just take it in. All white homes always do that to me.

The outside is just as pretty.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, the Oldies But Goodies series begins tomorrow.

(Photos: Skona Hem)

Hotel Picks From The Right Bank: The White House, Australia

This is most definitely a Johnny-come-lately post. I’m sure you’ve seen at least one of these photos circulating around the blogosphere the past couple of years.

I’ve posted a few of them myself, including these:

What I didn’t know about all of these rooms is that they are all in the same rental cottage called the White House, located in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia. When I learned that, I was like, “Duh, where have I been?” then I pulled together all the photos I could find so you can see how lovely the entire cottage is.

Could it be any more charming? To be truthful, I had to look up where Daylesford was but now that I know, I may need to make a detour whenever I make it down to Australia.

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Alan Campbell’s Zigzag for the Dining Room?

Like with the chairs I posted yesterday, I’ve gone through a myriad fabric choices for my dining room chairs. One of my top picks as of this minute is Alan Campbell’s Zigzag.

Some call it chevron. Some call it zigzag. I call it a classic – even if it has been somewhat overused in recent years.

And notice how similar it is to the zebra from yesterday’s post?

I tend to go back to certain things over and over and that’s when I know it’s true love and not just a crush.

Even if I decide to pull the trigger, there’s the whole question of which colorway to use so I’m not even close to making any decisions.

But it’s fun to look at all the options in the meantime!

(Photos: Quadrille)