Oldies But Goodies: Swedish Farmhouse

I’m kicking off a new series today called “Oldies But Goodies” for you to enjoy while I’m vacationing. For the most part, they are clippings that date back a few years and that I still love, like this very Swedish farmhouse which is actually in upstate New York. I adore this living room so much as well as the simple white loveliness of the rest of the house.

I hope you enjoy the series!

(Elle Decor March 2005)

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I’m Going With Burlap

I’ve finally decided on a fabric to reupholster these two chairs:

….. and you may be surprised to hear that it’s burlap.

Burlap is one of those things that has been done to death the past couple of years and in general, there’s no faster way to turn me off of something. But, having said that, some things are just classics and they’re classics for good reason. I’ve always loved burlap for its texture and neutral hue and if I still love it now despite all the efforts of Restoration Hardware, the explosion of grain sacks covering everything and bloggers hating on it, I think it’s safe to say I always will.

I found a good photo of how the chairs will look:

The only thing I haven’t decided on is whether to paint the wood or not. At first, I wanted to paint them gold like the settee in the first photo but there is already a lot of gold in the living room where they will go so I decided against that.  But then again, I could use a mix of gold and white like this:

Or, my other thought was to paint them gray (naturally!), which would also look great with the burlap. (I’m leaning toward the gray as of this minute.)

(Photos: 1stdibs)

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My Dream Vacation House

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m totally obsessed with the idea of a vacation home. I’m one of those people who always looks at the real estate listings wherever I go. You know, just in case. I’m also always thinking about where I’d like one and if I were to choose a place right now, I would pick somewhere in Spain.

I’d also want a house like Consuela Castiglioni’s on the island of Formentera. I fell in love with her house when I saw it a few years ago (I think in Vogue Living). It wasn’t a huge surprise since she has been one of my favorite designers for years (I adore everything she does at Marni) but at this point, I’m totally obsessed.

Have a look and see why.

(Photos: 1-6. by Julien Oppenheim 7-19.by Francois Halard)

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A Vacation House? How About a Vacation Chateau?

Now that it’s summer for all intents and purposes, all I can think about are vacations and of course, vacation homes. So I hope you won’t mind if that is the topic for my posts for like – I don’t know – the rest of the summer? I’m only kind of kidding. I’m sort of obsessed with them.

One of the places I’ll be traveling to this summer is Paris (I decided the last trip was just too short) so of course I totally have France on the brain. That led me to dig up these old photos of Christian Louboutin’s little *ahem* country home. This chateau is one of several homes he owns all over the world. A man after my own heart.

Yup, he definitely has the right idea.

(Photos by Francois Halard)

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Next Upholstery Project: Blue Settee

I forgot to add one item to the To Do List that I posted the other day.

Remember this settee?

Well, it needs reupholstering. I’ve been itching to do something in blue for the longest time so I got this blue Alcantara fabric for it:

I found the fabric on eBay! (Yup, still loving eBay!)

The blue is a little more navy in person and I think it’s going to look really great on this piece. So another item is ready for the upholsterer….. It’s always so exciting to send things off to the upholster. It’s like Christmas morning when they come back.

Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll see you Monday!

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