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Home for the Holidays Showhouse + FTRB in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


If you follow FTRB on Facebook or Twitter, you have been getting some peeks into the Home for the Holidays Designer Showhouse I had the chance to preview last week. The house has been beautifully decked out by some talented designers and really got me in the Christmas spirit. I bet it’ll do the same for you. Here are some of the highlights.

Living Room by Jimmy Stanton, Stanton Home Furnishings:


Library by William Peace, Peace Design:


Family Room by Kay Douglass & Dixie Peeples, Kay Douglass Interiors/South of Market:


Guest Suite by Barbara Westbrook, Westbrook Interiors:


Master Bath by Kelly Wolf Anthony, Wolf Design Group/Anthony Wolf Collection:


Breakfast Room by Paige Sumblin Schnell & Anna Kay Porch, Tracery Interiors:


Back Porch by Steve McKenzie, Steve McKenzie’s:


There is a lot more to see as well as workshops, seminars, a marketplace and a whole host of other events to discover until December 8th. For tickets and all the details, visit the Home for the Holidays website.


And speaking of showhouses, I’m very happy to share that the porch I designed for the 2013 Inspiration House can be seen in the December issue of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles.


It is part of a feature on the whole house which I can’t believe was almost a year ago already. It’s fun to revisit it after all this time and so nice to have a permanent record of a great project.

Congratulations to all the other designers and a big thanks to AH&L!

(All Holiday House photos by Kate Bayars Photography; my photo of AH&L photos by Erica George Dines)

A New Chapter for FTRB


As the Brady Bunch so wisely sang…..

When it’s time to change, then its time to change
Don’t fight the tide, come along for the ride, don’t you see…..

Over the past six months or so, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much blogging and the design blog world has changed since I started FTRB. I remember first coming across design blogs about six or seven years ago. Everything was so new! So exciting! They were what inspired me to start my own blog. Looking back now, it all seems so innocent and naive (in a good way) compared to how slick blogs are today. And a part of me sort of misses those days.


And I guess it was inevitable after so many years but I have been feeling sort of restless with the whole thing. Along with wanting to have more time for life offline (which I talked about earlier) and some big realizations, shifts and plans in my personal life, this has had me in a strange place mentally most of this year. So I’ve spent a lot of time mulling it all over, meditating on it and trying to figure out what, if anything, to do about it.

After giving it a lot of thought, what became clear is that I need to make some changes. I still want to continue blogging and with the same mission of sharing how I’m creating a global modern home inspired by my travels around the world. But I’m going to change how I do it.

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.comI’ve always tried to keep the content here personal, unique and different, balanced with plenty of inspiration images. As long time readers know, I started FTRB as a journal where I could organize my personal files of inspiration photos and to document the decorating of my house. Well, the way we find, view and save these images has changed a lot too over the years with Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. (Pinning is essentially what I was doing here before Pinterest.) So it makes the most sense to me to cut back on inspiration types of posts and focus more on original content. Those posts aren’t going away – there will just be less of them and more likely in the form of roundups. They’ll probably be longer too since I still have a lot to say!

Consequently, I’m also going to cut back on the frequency of my posts. I’ve always prided myself on blogging regularly and consistently. (Over 1,000 posts in 4 1/2 years!) So I really agonized over this decision but in the end, I decided I can accomplish my mission in fewer, longer posts just as well as with daily ones. So beginning today, FTRB will publish once a week. I know that sounds like a huge scaling back but content-wise, I really don’t think it will be. And remember you can still get a daily dose of FTRB in one of these places where I share peeks behind the scenes of FTRB, interesting finds, design-related news and snapshots of my travels and daily life.

Twitter (@FromTheRightBnk)
Instagram (@FromTheRightBank)
There’s also Pinterest for what catches my eye.


So, it’s a new chapter for FTRB and I feel great about it which is why I know it’s the right thing to do. I think it’s going to be good for me personally and hopefully, even more enjoyable for you as readers.  I would love to hear any thoughts you have so please share them in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading and supporting FTRB.

See you back here next Monday for my weekly post!

(Hilarious and clever cartoons by John Atkinson, Wrong Hands)

Thank You For the Mention, Abigail Ahern


Well this made my week. Actually my whole month. You know what a fangirl I am of Abigail Ahern. I’ve blogged about her an embarrassing number of times. Anyway, her second book, Decorating With Style, was just published and lo and behold, she includes FROM THE RIGHT BANK in the section titled “Little Black Book – the coolest interiors stores, antique fairs, online boutiques, bargains and blogs from around the world.”

Seriously geeking out over here, you guys.


I’m also kicking myself right now because remember I went to visit her store when I was in London in March? I’ve never seen her when I’ve visited the store in the past but this time, she came in right after me. (She’s as cute in person, in case you’re wondering.)  Anyway, I was all set to say hello when two women got to her before I could. So I browsed the shop as I waited for them to stop talking but those women went on and on and on. And on and on. And on and on some more. I should have interrupted at some point but I just didn’t want to be rude. Well, after having been in the store for what seemed like ever, I finally had to leave. I mean you can only linger in a store for so long! The clerk was starting to wonder what was wrong with me, I’m sure. Well, the book came out like the following week and knowing what I know now, I totally should have interrupted! Politeness is for suckers. I’m going to learn to be rude from now on(!)


But, I’m beyond thrilled for this mention so thank you so much, Abigail!

I also have to thank Sue who tipped me off to this via Twitter as I was waiting for my copy of the book to arrive.

If you haven’t gotten your copy, do it! It’s filled with beautiful photographs and great tips written in her friendly, approachable manner. And I’m not just saying that because FTRB is in it(!) You can get it through Amazon or if you want a signed copy, go to Abigail’s site.

See you all Monday!

(Photos by Graham Atkins-Hughes)

Four-Year Blogiversary and Some Goals for 2013


Hi, friends, happy 2013! Don’t you just love the clean slate a new year offers?

Along with the fresh start, I’m really happy and grateful to be celebrating FTRB’s four-year anniversary today. As this milestone was approaching, I started thinking a lot about why I do what I do. Four years is a long time – especially in web years – and I thought it was a good time to take stock of things to make sure the blog continues to reflect who and where I am currently.

The short answer to why I’m here everyday is I love sharing my passion. It’s funny to look back at some of my old posts and see 30, 40 or even 50 comments on one post! That has been slowing down and nowadays some posts don’t get any comments at all. I know some bloggers find that sort of thing discouraging but I get it. I myself can’t find time to comment on blogs anymore and a lot people/blogs have come and gone from those early days of blogging and been replaced by an explosion of new blogs which I can’t and don’t even try to keep up with anymore. I admit I do miss the comments, mainly because it told me a little about who you are but it’s enough for me that people are reading and I can see from my stats that FTRB’s readership continues to grow.

Not a lot has changed for me since January 2009….. other than that little move across the country! I’m still all about global modern style, French and Scandinavian everything, good art (art walls!), not-so-serious decorating and creating truly personal spaces. There have been a few little things that have shifted for me which leads me to some goals for FTRB (and me personally) for 2013.

- I want to be more fearless in my decor and use my house to try out ideas that may be too daring elsewhere. This should make for some interesting posts, don’t you think? I also want to post more of the process at the risk of you thinking I’m a total nutcase. For every reveal you see, there are usually a dozen variations that led up to it that I don’t post.

- I plan on paying more attention to living la belle vie this year and writing more frequent posts for the series. I love my big adventures to faraway places and they will continue but we spend most of our waking hours on everyday events and routines and I want to really focus on making those as enjoyable and lovely as possible.

- I will be taking on more e-design projects this year. I admit I shied away from doing too many of those because I prefer being hands-on and it’s just so much easier to design a room in person. But I had the best experiences with long distance clients in 2012 and that has encouraged me to do more of them. If you’re interested, please check out this page.

- I’ll put my new Photoshop skills to use to enhance existing features and to create new ones, including more moodboards for my projects.

- All of the above will result in a lot more original content.

- A few things I’ve already done are to re-organize the categories and tags, update the About page and make a few tweaks that I think make the blog read and look better.

You’d think after four years, I’d have run out of things to say but actually it’s the opposite. I’m bursting with ideas and can’t get them down fast enough. So I look forward to another year of blogging and hanging out with all of you here in my little corner of the web. Thank you so much for joining me everyday and for your support and friendship. It means the world to me.

Good god, this was a long post! Here’s to 2013 and to year five!

(Photo: FROM THE RIGHT BANK. Taken while flying somewhere over the U.S.)

Treasure Hunting in the Boonies


My trip last week was so different from the kind I usually take – I had no itinerary, no specific destination and no must-do/see/eat list. It felt really weird but it was also very cool to have nothing to focus on other than finding great products. My kind of business trip!

The reason I decided to do this random trip was whenever I venture outside of Atlanta (which isn’t too often other than going abroad), I see so many signs for antiques and flea markets and I never have time to stop. I know there are real treasures in these places and for over a year, I’ve been saying I was going to just get in the car and drive from one market to another. So that’s exactly what I did!

Here is some of what I found. Lots of art (of course):


more art that still needs to be unpacked:


and pretty decorative pieces:


These lamps are probably my favorite find of the trip:


And finding things for myself is an occupational hazard. I couldn’t pass up this Alabama clay French bulldog figurine:


I didn’t know what Alabama clay was so I googled it and learned it’s clay. From Alabama. Duh. Anyway, it’s distinguished by these reddish veins. After seeing this, the husband declared I’m about two bulldog tchotchkes away from crazy old lady town. I disagree. (I think I have at least a few more before that!)

Anyway as you can see, it was a fruitful trip. In some ways, it reminded me of the road trips I used to take in the French countryside stopping at brocantes and vide-greniers -  man, I miss those days! But even if the scenery wasn’t quite the same, at least there was a Dairy Queen at just about every exit!


Look for all these goodies in the shop soon. And thanks to everyone for your orders and visits the past few days! Your support is really appreciated!