I’ve been obsessed with decorating my whole life and I started FROM THE RIGHT BANK when I finally ran out of people in my real life who wanted to talk about pillows and wallpapers. That was in January 2009 and it began as an online journal to chronicle the never-ending decorating of my house. I wanted a place where I could organize my inspiration files, think out loud and share step-by-step decisions and the finished spaces. Since then FTRB has grown beyond my imagination and evolved in some unexpected ways but at its core, it will always will be a personal journal about my home. (If you’re new here, please see this post regarding the current state of FTRB.)

I’m what you could call a jack of all trades; I dabble in a lot of things. But everything I do is inspired by my travels. It’s my big passion, something I do every chance I get and what shapes what I call my global modern style. If you’d like to follow along on some of my trips, I document them mostly on Instagram (@FromTheRightBank) and Twitter (@FromTheRightBnk).

So about the weird name….. FTRB was started after I moved from the right bank of Paris to Seattle so I named it FROM THE RIGHT BANK TO THE LEFT COAST. Clever, right? That’s what I thought….. until I moved to Atlanta. Yeah, I didn’t see that coming. So for now it’s just FROM THE RIGHT BANK and we’ll see what happens when I move back to Paris!

I’m occasionally available for decorating and styling projects so if you’re looking for a well-honed eye, natural style and a fun and relaxed approach, please drop me a line and tell me a little about what your project and we’ll go from there.