I started FROM THE RIGHT BANK in January 2009 as a much needed outlet where I could talk about the never-ending decorating of my house. I wanted a place where I could organize my inspiration files, think out loud and share step-by-step decisions and the finished spaces with other decor addicts.  So much has changed in the world of blogging and social media since then and FTRB has too. But at its core, it is still a personal notebook of sorts about my home.

I call my style global modern and it’s been shaped mostly by my travels. Traveling is on par with decorating as far as life-long obsessions go. So when I’m not rearranging the furniture for the umpteenth time, I’m most likely in some faraway place soaking up the local culture, chowing down and capturing all the beauty I see with my camera and sketchbook. I thank my lucky stars every single day for that.

So about the weird name….. FTRB was started after I moved from the right bank of Paris to Seattle so I named it FROM THE RIGHT BANK TO THE LEFT COAST. I thought it was sooooo clever….. until I moved to Atlanta. Yeah, I didn’t see that coming. So for now it’s just FROM THE RIGHT BANK and we’ll see what happens when I move again! (Did I mention my husband and I are also serial movers?)

Thanks so much for visiting and please stay in touch!