Spring has been really busy around here and it seems to be flying by faster than usual. Here’s some of what’s happening.


First, as you may have seen from how I flooded my Instagram feed (@FromTheRightBank), the 2014 ASOS Decorators’ Showhouse is now open. Like every year, it has more inspiration than you can handle – like this solarium designed by Robert Brown. The house itself is a historic piece of Atlanta architecture and an opportunity to have a tour of it is a real treat. The showhouse is open until May 18 and you can get more details and ticket information here.


DSE Flyer one sided4


Second, mark your calendars for the first ever Designer Stock Exchange (DSE). It’s an epic designer/blogger tag sale that will be held in Atlanta on May 31 and June 1, 2014. A group of designers/bloggers and I will be selling everything from furniture to textiles to accessories and having some fun in the process. So please join us!

There will be previews of items for sale on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram leading up to the weekend so follow us if you’d like a sneak peek.


Next, I’m both excited and a little terrified that I’m going to be making my first TV appearance. (What?!) A little while ago, the very nice folks at CNN/HLN contacted me about doing a decorating segment for the Project Home feature on HLN. We had a meeting last month and just like that, we’re taping next month. YIKES. (As a side note, up until then I had never been to the CNN Headquarters. Have you? It’s massive!)

I’m thrilled, of course, but there’s nothing like an imminent appearance on national television to shed light on all of one’s insecurities! Am I going to be a total dud? Does the camera really add ten pounds? Will I sound like Minnie Mouse? (Does anyone like the sound of their own voice?) I tell you I don’t know how all those housewives and Kardashians live their lives in front of cameras….. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted as things happen.

Finally, I’m working on a great giveaway that I know you are all going to want to enter. That’s coming up in a couple of weeks. As I said, there is a lot going on!





Oh, Ally, that is beyond exciting about your on-air gig!! You will be awesome, and I don’t see how you could sound like Minnie Mouse – your voice is lovely. And you’re so chic & worldly, people will instantly love you. Can’t wait to watch these segments! Congratulations!! :)

And I’m beyond bummed I’ll be at the beach during your DSE sale – it will be epic!


So sorry for the late reply but I was vacationing(!) Thank you so much for your kind, kind words. I don’t know that I’m worthy of all of it but I’m so appreciative! Thanks a million, Kathy!

Julie Khuu

EEEeeeeek!!! Congrats on the TV spot Ally! I’m sure you’ll do FAB!!! Wear form-fitting clothes (camera adds weight esp where you don’t want it to! I learned that the hard way yikes!), talk BIG…with added emphasis on all counts since TV seems to dilute it all down…and most importantly…SMILE! Can’t wait to see it live- pls update us with all the showtimes you TV star you!

xo- Julie
Peace! Love! LOL!
Haute Khuuture Blog

the makerista

You’re going to be on TV?! I know you’ll be great, but I also know how nerve-wracking it can be! Congrats on all the good business. I’m sure the sale will be amazing!


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