There is one last piece of the wallpaper/paint puzzle for Project Hallway and that is the ceiling. I’m 99% sure I’m going to paint it a light blue like in these examples.


I’ve blogged about this house before but I still love it and especially how Ruthie Sommers used blue ceilings throughout parts of it…..


I just love her style.

A couple more examples…..

I’ve always liked blue ceilings but this shade of blue also happens to be what is on my dining room and master bedroom walls and I like the idea of that continuity.

I’m considering using the same blue on the upper part of the foyer walls – the part above the millwork here:


I thought of doing either this wall or the ceiling in a different color but as of today, I think just the blue will be enough. I reserve the right to change my mind though!

I’m headed out to look at wallpaper today so if I can find one to fit in with this scheme I’ve been putting together the past month, I’ll be placing an order and then scheduling the painter. Exciting times, people!

(Photos: 1-3. Veranda 4,5.Decorpad 6.FROM THE RIGHT BANK)




Love a blue ceiling. My dining room has a gray-blue ceiling right now and I’ve always loved it. Can’t wait to see what you do. And you sound like me – I’ve always got about 3 projects percolating at once. Makes life more interesting, right?


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