You may have noticed that my last post in the Hotel Picks FROM THE RIGHT BANK series was a roundup. This is the format I’m going to use from now on because since I moved to a weekly posting schedule, I can’t devote an entire post to just one hotel without FTRB becoming a hotel blog(!) So this means you’re going to get a huge dose of amazing hotel design in one sitting, like today. There are worse things that could happen.

I also went back and tagged all of the posts in the series by location to make them easier to find. I tagged them by city for those that I visit regularly and the rest by country. That took a good part of a day because it turns out I’ve posted 91 hotels in the past 5 years! So that’s what I’ve been doing with all my time…..

Anyway, on to today’s roundup…..

All of these images above are from the Hotel du Continent in Paris where Christian Lacroix has worked his magic once again. The concept is that each floor of the hotel represents one continent and it’s executed in that wonderfully whimsical way that is Lacroix’ signature. Here are a few more views:

It seems I can’t resist his hotel designs as evidenced by my posts here, here and here which, by the way, was my first ever Hotel Picks FROM THE RIGHT BANK post!


Another designer with a very distinct point of view is Paola Navone and I just love her fresh take on things. When I first saw these photos of Point Yamu in Phuket in the current issue of Italian Elle Decor, I knew she had to be behind it.


Next up is the Marlton in New York which kind of transports me to Paris and there is nothing I don’t like about that.

1384 Marlton Hotel

I wish I could find some more photos but this is the best I could do. I’m considering staying there when I go to New York in the spring so maybe I’ll just take some myself. I’ll post an update here if I do.


Last but not least, check out the Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman…..

Maybe it’s because of the recent Snowpocolpyse (Part II) in IceLanta but these sandy beaches are looking very inviting right about now and the indigenous architecture and style of Zighy Bay make it stand out from your standard beach resort.

Ziggy Bay Six Senses Resort. Dibba. Oman.Credit: Lloyd Images

I admit this outdoor movie set up may have been the thing that won me over(!)

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Hotel Picks FROM THE RIGHT BANK as much I did. And I seem to have a lot of new readers so if you are one of them and want to know the background on this series, please see this page.



Brandyn | Southern Distinctions

I have a serious case of wanderlust and this post hit the spot! These are all delightfully different. I adore the work of Lacroix, but Zighy Bay is calling my name. I need a good dose of warm sunshine to thaw out from this snowmagedon.


Oh man, I must go to Oman! Seriously, a colleague has gone there for work many times and has loved it there. Love the strong personalities of the hotels here!


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