If you’re on Instagram, chances are good that you saw the explosion of the Waterlogue app the past week which converts photos into digital watercolors. As you can see by this video I posted, I went a little crazy with it in Venice (mostly while I was up with jet lag). As much as I love watercolors though, I love oil paintings more so when I discovered the Glaze app which transforms photos into paintings, I really went bonkers. I used it on some of the beautiful interior shots I took in Venice so here’s something a little different from my usual design notes.

These are all from photos I took at the Aman Hotel which I blogged about here. Being as obsessed with hotels as I am, the whole experience felt like a dream. To think that the entire palazzo was once a private residence boggles the mind. I think I can definitively state it is the most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed in. I’m still sort of in a daze.

I used to have big plans of drawing and painting on my trips, packing art supplies everywhere I went. But I stopped doing that because I found I never had enough time so this is a nice option. Not that anything can ever replace an artist’s hand, of course! I hope you enjoyed this painterly tour!





Oh my the hotel is lovely and that app is crazy fun! I can’t stop playing with my Italy and Paris pics from last month! Thanks so much! Your images are beautiful:)

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Hi Ally!
I “discovered” waterlogged this week and have been amazed at what I can create. Technology really is incredible these days!!!

xo Elizabeth


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