I have been wanting to show you this chair makeover for the longest time! You saw a tiny peek of these chairs when they were in my dining room a couple of weeks ago. But I’m currently trying them out in the foyer (you didn’t expect them to actually stay put, did you?) and while there, I thought I’d take some quick shots so I could finally tell you about them.

So, pull up a chair (ha!) because this could take a while….. and keep in mind, this space is still in progress. (I brought in the good old Rand rug, art and planter from other rooms so the chairs are the only thing that’s new.)

Right before I found the Parsons chairs that are now in my living room, I had bought a different set of vintage Parsons chairs that were a little more upright and compact. I thought I might use them in a project or if not, sell them in the FTRB shop. (I don’t have a before photo so I’ll just have to tell you that they were in good shape but the color was all wrong.)

Around the same time, I hit the fabric jackpot. I came into this most amazing chinoiserie linen from Schumacher called Pearl River and I knew it was the perfect thing to reupholster these chairs.

And I was right, if I do say so myself. I love, love, love how they turned out!

So much so in fact, that I can’t part with them even though they were never intended for my house. Oops. That happens more often than it should…..

I also can’t get enough of this fabric. The colors are insane….. terra cotta, charcoal, mustard, baby blue, teal, lavender, ivory and even some peach and olive. I’m so into it, I even had some pillows made…..

…..and I’m seriously thinking of doing some drapes too(!) But then I have to stop before my entire house is done in it…..

Now the reason I say I hit the jackpot is because some time in the last year or so Schumacher decided to discontinue this colorway (gasp!) and it can’t be found anywhere anymore. But by sheer luck (through a friend of a friend and a whole cast of other characters!), I got my hands on what may be the last of it.

You may remember seeing this pattern most likely from Julie Bowen’s home featured in InStyle which was designed by her sister, Molly Luetkemeyer. I still love this room and it’s that daybed that totally makes it.

At this point you may be thinking “How nice for you but what about the rest of us?” Well, this is where it gets interesting….. because….. I got some for you too! That’s right! I love this fabric so much when I was presented with what may be the final bolts, I couldn’t let it slip through my fingers.

So I bought enough for me, you and everyone else. And at a third of the retail price!

So I think this is the perfect occasion for another GOODS FROM THE RIGHT BANK pop-up! The shop has just been stocked and is open as of today so head on over if you’d like some of this chinoiserie goodness for yourself. You can find all the details and specifications on it there. And please spread the word if you’re so inclined. Thanks!

(Photos: all FROM THE RIGHT BANK except 5-7.via InStyle)




Oh, Ally, your chairs look fantastic. Simply beyond gorgeous. What an energetic, fun way to welcome guests with these chairs in the foyer.

P.S. Even though I’ve read this fact nearly a million times, I’m always surprised when I remember that Julie Bowen and Molly Luetkemeyer are sisters.


That fabric is absolutely stunning. I would have never thought to wrap a Parsons in it! You are a genius, Ally, and your upholstered must have some great skill to get them so identical!

Definitely having some fabric envy. They look great in that space, pinning now!


Oh my goodness! I haven’t checked out this site in so long and just remembered it and decided to lurk about and WOW you have done so much to your home it is stunning! I am in awe over this fabric and those chairs, so beautiful!


Thanks so much for taking time to comment! I read every one and reply through my own comments.