I recently stumbled on this vintage Josef Frank tray in his Tulip pattern so of course I had to snatch it up. I mean, (a) it’s Josef Frank; and (b) it’s a tray. Yup, fed two addictions in one fell swoop.

This made me think we’re due for a Josef Frank post. We’ve seen both of these spaces before but these shots are new to me:

This couch is utter perfection. The extra long length, clean lines and in one of my favorite of his patterns, Celotocaulis.

I also still love this room:

A summer country cottage decorated with nature-themed Josef Frank prints.

Carrying the wallpaper pattern over into just that one pillow totally makes this room for me.

And look at this chair transformation:

We redid this great vintage pair of 100% upholstered chairs in a fresh Josef Frank textile for a client.

Again we have the Celotocaulis pattern and you already know how I feel about this style of chair so of course I’m dying over this makeover.

Designer Marc Newson’s house is cool in every way and especially the sofas in the Windows pattern:


And last but not least…..

Seriously?! I couldn’t find any information on this. Who? What? Where? How? I would so drive this. Can you imagine? There would be no mistaking that nut job Josef Frank blogger in this thing…..

(Photos: 1-2.FROM THE RIGHT BANK 3.Svenskt Tenn 4.gardendesign.com 5.Facebook as linked 6.enmammasdag.com 7.roomed.nl 8.Pinterest as linked.)




You turned me into a Josef Frank fan too – LOVE that room with the wallpaper. And I don’t even like wallpaper!


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