Bookshelf Roundup

I’ve always been drawn to rooms with bookshelves as a predominant feature. I always say you can tell a lot about homeowners from their bookshelves – their tastes, interests, personality….. that’s what makes them so interesting (i.e., brings out my nosy side).

Here are some great ones…..


A room with walls and built-ins painted the same color is something I never, ever tire of:

Add furniture in the same color and I’m done. This is definitely going to happen in my next house…..

(Photos: 2.via Abigail Ahern 3-5.Elle Decor 6-7.House Beautiful 8.Roman & Williams)

12 comments on “Bookshelf Roundup”

  1. The last 3 photos made my heart leap out of my chest; and to think I talked my husband out of custom book shelves…..

    Fabulous examples Ally!

  2. Tokyo Jinja says:

    Pinned a couple of those babies – especially that green with animal print – divine!

  3. Love all these! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jo in NZ says:

    photos are not showing in google chrome?

    1. Oh no. Thanks for the heads up. Is it just this post or all of them?

  5. Some serious “oooh” moments here. And I am crazy for the painting in the Ahern design!

  6. Jo in NZ says:

    Phew, images now visible to me – hate the idea of missing out! Thanks for checking, Ally.

  7. I feel the same about bookshelves.

    One day I will have some custom shelves built. Hopefully, in my next apartment.

    1. Oops, meant to say, “the same way”

  8. I agree I like a bookshelf – but now when I move!

  9. thefolia says:

    How gorgeous do all these books look!

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