Design Notes and Travel Tips from Paris


Ah, Paris. Inspiration galore.


You may remember I blogged about the wallpaper collection here. I sort of forgot about it but now that I’ve seen it in person, I’m completely obsessed. And by the way, the new store in Saint-Germain is insane. If you have Paris in your travel plans, you have to add it to your itinerary. And not too far away is another must, the Christian Liaigre showroom.


We happened to be in town for the 40th birthday party of a very good friend of ours. She is one of those naturally stylish Parisian girls and having been to her family’s house, their vacation house, and her sister’s apartment, I can definitively say it’s in the genes. This party was in the garden at her parents’ house where I took this quick shot of the tiny powder room – textured gray walls, old mirror, books stacked to the ceiling, paper pendant….. so much personality in such a small space!

One day, I’m going to edit a book of real Parisian interiors. Yup. Just putting it out there.


You know how I’m loving brown these days? This was a space at Galeries Lafayette and somehow that blue and brown combo that was done to death looks fresh again. I’m telling you, brown is the new black. Or new gray. Or new something…..


We seem to have gotten on a Park Hyatt roll lately. They’ve been doing a really great job of converting historic properties in the best locations.  I generally prefer the unique atmosphere of boutique hotels but if I can get that in a chain that will also earn me hotel points, that’s hard to resist.

That brings me to my number one tip for anyone wanting to travel more: be diligent about collecting airline miles and hotel points.  Be sure to register every trip. Try to stick with one airline/chain or one of its partners. Sign up for updates so you’re notified when they issue bonus points or have a points/mileage sale. And if your credit cards aren’t earning you anything, trade them in for one that does. To me, miles and points are like gold. 🙂

Addresses & Links

Hermès 17 Rue de Sèvres, 75006 Paris

Christian Liaigre 42 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris

Gérard Mulot 2 Rue Lobineau, 75006 Paris

Park Hyatt Vendôme 5 Rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris

Le Pur’ 5 Rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris

A few other restaurants from this trip:

l’Arpège 84 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris
This is a must-do for most gourmands and a huge, huge splurge. (I chose it for my birthday.) The big question has been: was it worth it? Overall, I say yes. It’s worth doing just once, for the experience.

Le Soummam 3 Rue de Bièvre, 75005 Paris (no website)
Authentic couscous, tagines and other Moroccan fare in an ancient building.

Rose Bakery 46 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 and at Le Bon Marché 24 Rue de Sèvres, 75006 (no website)
I try to go once on every trip, at least for tea and cake if not for lunch. I’ve also been to the one in London and am planning to go to the one in Seoul on my next trip. I also have the cookbook. You could say I’m a little obsessed.

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon 5, rue de Montalembert, 75007.  Somehow I forgot to add this to the list! This is a Paris favorite. There’s a second location now but I prefer the original – on the left bank(!)

In fact, all the addresses from this trip are on the left bank except for one. There’s a first time for everything, I guess!

(All iPhone photos: FROM THE RIGHT BANK)

10 comments on “Design Notes and Travel Tips from Paris”

  1. Kristen says:

    Oh how I am dying to get back to Paris! Inspiration oozing out of every corner!

  2. Lindsey says:

    Beautiful snapshots! And my favorite moment? Getting to meet you, finally!! Hurry back!

    1. A highlight of my trip too! Thanks so much for a fun afternoon. I’m looking forward to the next time!

  3. Gwen says:

    Im glad I can live vicariously through your travels. 🙂 Just beautiful and thanks for sharing!

  4. Sigh. I haven’t been to Paris in decades (expect to connect to L.A. or St. Martin).

    It’s on my list. In the meantime, I will savor your photos.

  5. You were one of three bloggers/instagrammers/friends who were in Paris at the same time. It’s been so interesting to see the city through different sets of eyes!

  6. mlleparadis says:

    paris au soleil – oh les beaux jours!

    1. We definitely lucked out with the weather. After the first day, it was nothing but sunny skies!

  7. Lauren says:

    I’m curious. Because I’ve been hearing for years about the miles and the points and I’m afraid that I will make the wrong choices. Can you advise on what you do to gather travel points. What chains, lines and clubs do you belong to and do you have a specific credit card? I feel like in this world there are two types of people: the ones who gain travel points and the ones who don’t. I’m the latter. Also, at what point do you start saving? In my instance, I almost feel like finding the best hotel or airplane deal is better than saving points since I’m afraid I don’t travel enough. Help me Ally!

    1. Hi, Lauren! So the first thing is I’m a member of almost all the loyalty programs so I’m always earning points no matter what. But I try to stick to one airline and just a few hotels. In my case I fly Delta almost exclusively because I’m in Atlanta and it is based here and has the most flights. I also have an Amex and Visa that earn me miles. You’ll find every airline/hotel has a credit card that will give you points. With hotels, I’m very particular so the hotel itself is more important than the points. But like I said, if I like a hotel and it also happens to be a member of one of my preferred chains, even better. As for the $ question, usually the difference between airlines on a particular route is not huge so if it’s a little more to go with your preferred airline, it’s totally worth it so you are accumulating points in one place. Otherwise, you just have a lot of points all over the place that don’t add up to anything. Also the more you travel on one airline, the better and bigger the perks (like bonus miles which will also get you free trips faster). I hope that helps!

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