The Newest (and Possibly the Best) Idea I Ever Had: Leopard Chairs

Good morning, everyone, I have been so excited to show you my newest creation….. leopard chairs! I can’t tell you how much I love these. They may be my new favorite thing in the entire house. And I have the most ridiculous story about how they came to be.

You see, I’ve wanted some leopard chairs FOREVER. I mean like for so long that I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want some. I’ve also wanted a pair of Parsons chairs for a very long time – not as long as leopard ones but still quite a while. So when I finally got my hands on some Parsons chairs, it took me all of a minute to decide they would also be my leopard chairs.

Now how I came into the chairs in the first place is the crazy part. A while back, I had to take my car into the shop for some repairs. I filled out the paperwork at the reception desk and then was told to have a seat in the waiting area. So I turn to go sit and what do I see? A pair of Parsons chairs! In the waiting room! I was all over it. To make a long story short, the owner was called, I explained my crazy self, we struck a deal and I brought these babies home.

Insane, right? I mean, who goes out to get a car repaired and comes home with chairs?! Um, me, apparently. In all the excitement I forgot to take a good before photo but here is one of them getting stripped at the upholsterer. You can see they were a mauve color.

As for the fabric, I must have ordered and looked at dozens of samples of leopard fabric but they were either the wrong color, wrong texture or just downright awful.

I ended up going with the popular Jamil Natural which you see used a lot and now I understand why. It’s no Scalamandre (far from it) but in this price range, it’s a good one.

So I finally have leopard and Parsons chairs. All is right with the world.


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  1. Marybeth Reid says:

    Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. What a great find.

  2. Obsessed. They are perfection Ally! Love the story too. Even better!

  3. Ashley says:

    They are SPECTACULAR! If using caps wasn’t clear enough, these chairs are insanely good, as is the funny way they made it to your home. I guess this post proves “ask and you shall receive”!

  4. so good so good!! (yes, i typed that twice.) i have a very similar parsons waiting to be reupholstered…way to put leopard on the option list 🙂

    and i scored 3 (ended up selling 2 in my OKL sale) while house shopping. we didn’t get the house, but a friend’s parents lived in the neighborhood, so i was able to get the homeowner’s number and called her asking if i could buy the chairs. lucky for me, she was downsizing! three cheers for strange ways to come across parsons 🙂

  5. escapade says:

    YES!!! LOVE them!! Nice work Ally 😉

  6. Heather says:

    I, too, have always wanted a leopard chair. And I have a vintage danish modern armchair that I have been meaning to recover forever. I had been thinking about various linen block printed bohemian options, but just this weekend, I took the insert out of my leaporad velvet throw pillow (yes, Jamil natural!) and it has been wedged between the cushion and the slat back while I make sure it is the way to go. (And it is.) Seeing the fabric on your chairs just sealed the deal!

  7. jess@coop says:

    These are just what the space needed! I love the edginess they bring to the room mixed with the more classic decor pieces.

  8. Chedva says:

    Ally, the chairs are gorgeous (not to mention, sexy) and I love the story of how you found them.

  9. Oh how I love those chairs and the way you acquired them makes them “priceless” in my book. The next time I’m at the car repair or dentist office for that matter I’ll have to take a look around 🙂

  10. Elena says:

    Those are beautiful and a great design idea! Great vision!

  11. I love when that happens! They look fabulous and I must remember to always have my eyes open as you never know where things might turn up 🙂

  12. Nicole says:

    I love how you struck a deal at your local mechanical shop! Sometimes what makes these pieces so wonderful are the stories behind them. Well done!

  13. whoa. you brought it. as promised.

  14. Tina says:

    LOVE the chairs and the story! I missed you all week, Ally.

    1. That is so sweet of you to say! Thank you, Tina. I hope the weekly posts make up for it. 🙂

  15. Amazing– everything, the story and the chairs! LOVE them!

  16. Tokyo Jinja says:

    Wow. You win best leopard ever award!

  17. You never know where you might find something spectacular!

    Love that you found these gorgeous chairs at the mechanic’s.

  18. Kimber says:

    Holy Moly those are awesome!!!! Nice work!!!

  19. I want!!!! And I love the stories behind the pieces as much as I love the pieces…especially ones from the mechanic. 🙂 miss you!

  20. Waaaah!!! I LOVE THEM! And yep, only you…

  21. so fabulous. The room is looking really great.

  22. I LOVE them! I totally almost did the same thing at my husbands car repair shop recently. They had some super beat up leather/metal chairs that were AWESOME… thought about asking to buy them, but didn’t. Now I wish I had’ve, too!

  23. Love love love those chairs. One of my favorite fabrics. They look amazing in your living room.

  24. Eileen in Pennsylvania says:

    I just saw your leopard chairs and they are fabulous. I have to tell you that we
    purchased two of these parsons chairs for our first living room in 1972 from Jonns contemporary furnishings in Pa. They went to our daughter’s apartment in Boston in 2002 and wish that I could find those gems today. I loved the design then, still do, and would use them in our home now. Why did I ever let them go??

    1. I hope your daughter held on to them?! 🙂 They are true classics that will never go out of style which is why I think I’ve always been drawn to them.

  25. sherry says:

    OMG. OMG. OMG. I hate u for having those.

  26. Donna says:

    Awesome. Can you recommend a upholster in Atlanta.

  27. They are beyond this world! Stunning! as is your whole home, but that we knew already 😉

  28. Amanda eck says:

    I keep coming back from time to time to re-read this story! They are just gorgeous!!

    1. You are too funny! 😀

  29. Meggan says:

    I have been so crazy busy with World Effect and Color Cord that I haven’t checked recently and now I am kicking myself…. Oh my gosh I am in LOVE! Those chairs are totally beautiful and sassy. Great style as always, Ally!

  30. Hey, Ally – Gorgeous leopardy goodness!! Do you happen to know the mfr of these chairs? Thanks so much!

  31. I was doing an online search for the Jamil Natural fabric and this post popped up in my results. The chairs are amazing. Great story, too!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for taking time to comment!

  32. Tracy says:

    I know I am a bit behind here as I just came upon your site and saw these chairs that are AMAZING! I love them so much. I have been thinking about Zebra cow hide chairs but I may just have to change to these. Now to find the right chairs…were the arms on the original chairs fabric or wood? Thanks. How do you feel about these a year later?

    1. Thanks! The arms were upholstered originally and I still love them!!

  33. studiotullia says:

    Wow, you got my attention with those amazing chairs. Good call for you to visualize those ol’ chairs made new again and make it happen! They really look great. Thanks for sharing. I shared your story with my readers as we all love Jamil Natural.

  34. Daena says:

    Greetings Ally,
    I do hope you are willing to help! I may be purchasing a pair of similar parsons chairs and wanted to know how much fabric did you upholsterer use to cover your phenomenal chairs? Unfortunately, my upholsterer GROSSLY overestimates yardage & I usually have enough fabric to make a coordinating 3 piece suit! I truly appreciate you sharing info!

    1. Sure. Each chair took just over 6 yds. I got 13 total and had some left over.

      1. Daena says:

        Thank you for kindly & swiftly responding!!!
        Enjoy the summer,

        1. You’re very welcome and thanks!

  35. Wren Arthur says:

    How much fabric did it take to cover both chairs?

  36. Mark Dowie says:

    Wow, great refurbishment on the chairs, they look fab. Just shows you what you can do with a creative eye and some skill.

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