La Belle Vie: Bring On Summer!

It’s summertime!

I think most people would agree that summer is the happiest season of the year, am I right? I equate summer with fun and in my family where everyone’s birthdays are all in summer months, there’s even more of an excuse to celebrate and take advantage of everything summer has to offer. These are some of my favorite activities – all simple pleasures that I plan on enjoying fully this season. Please share your own favorites in the comments!

1. Being in/on/under/over any body of water. I’ve always been a water person. The ocean is my happy place. That being said, I’ll take a lake, river, bay….. Whether it’s a boat ride, canoeing, swimming, snorkeling or just walking along the beach, this to me is the #1 best thing about summer.

2. The next best thing has to be summer food. Basically I like anything and everything grilled in the summertime: grilled corn on the cob with a squeeze of lime and coarse salt, a salad of grilled peaches and arugula with a shallot vinaigrette,  grilled zucchini with picada ….. all so delicious, healthy and easy to make. That’s my kind of cooking. I’ve also never been to a real clambake and am dying to experience one. I’d also settle for the southern equivalent –  a low country boil. Then there’s summer fruit. I actually don’t eat a lot of fruit during the rest of the year but in the summer, I go a little nuts and consume cherries, peaches, tomatoes and any kind of berries by the bushel. And can we talk about ice cream and popsicles? Yup, summer at its best.

3. Naturally, we need some libations to cool off. My favorite summer cocktail is a Pimm’s cup (there’s a good, simple recipe here). After that, I’ll take a nice glass of rosé. And to celebrate all those birthdays, it’s always a glass of pink champagne. Iced tea, iced coffee, lemonade and at least one fruity drink out of a pineapple or coconut are also a must during the summer.

4. All of this food and drink will, of course, taste better outside….. whether it’s a picnic, bbq, garden party or lunch at a sidewalk cafe. For cocktails, I’m especially fond of rooftop decks, high above the city.

5. In the summer, I like to take my entertainment outside too. If you’re lucky enough to have a drive-in, please go so I can live vicariously. I’ve always wanted to go to one! When we lived in New York, the summer film festival at Bryant Park was always fun. Outdoor movie nights at home seems to be popular these days too. I would find it technically challenging but if you’re more competent than I am, here are some tips for hosting one yourself. And of course there are also outdoor concerts to attend, croquet and pétanque to play and maybe even some new lands to explore…..

6. Finally, summer days aren’t called lazy for nothing. It’s the time for naps in hammocks, watching sunsets, reading fun books and just hanging out doing nothing at all. No wonder everyone seems happier in summer! I say bring it on!

So what about you? What are some of your summer pleasures?

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7 thoughts on “La Belle Vie: Bring On Summer!

  1. I am with you Ally – all of those things are on my to-do lists (in fact, I’m at the beach right now!). Also: wineries. I love to visit wineries and have a big picnic, spending the afternoon just chilling with friends.

  2. I love the sun setting at 9 and feeling like i have gained a few hours in the day and I love wearing flip flops against my season dependent weekly pedicure and everyone’s infectious good mood!

  3. For me summer is all about being outdoors as well.

    I cannot wait to return to the beach for a plate of Spaghetti con Vongole (clams) with a nice dry chilled white wine. Perfection.

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