Well this made my week. Actually my whole month. You know what a fangirl I am of Abigail Ahern. I’ve blogged about her an embarrassing number of times. Anyway, her second book, Decorating With Style, was just published and lo and behold, she includes FROM THE RIGHT BANK in the section titled “Little Black Book – the coolest interiors stores, antique fairs, online boutiques, bargains and blogs from around the world.”

Seriously geeking out over here, you guys.

I’m also kicking myself right now because remember I went to visit her store when I was in London in March? I’ve never seen her when I’ve visited the store in the past but this time, she came in right after me. (She’s as cute in person, in case you’re wondering.)  Anyway, I was all set to say hello when two women got to her before I could. So I browsed the shop as I waited for them to stop talking but those women went on and on and on. And on and on. And on and on some more. I should have interrupted at some point but I just didn’t want to be rude. Well, after having been in the store for what seemed like ever, I finally had to leave. I mean you can only linger in a store for so long! The clerk was starting to wonder what was wrong with me, I’m sure. Well, the book came out like the following week and knowing what I know now, I totally should have interrupted! Politeness is for suckers. I’m going to learn to be rude from now on(!)

But, I’m beyond thrilled for this mention so thank you so much, Abigail!

I also have to thank Sue who tipped me off to this via Twitter as I was waiting for my copy of the book to arrive.

If you haven’t gotten your copy, do it! It’s filled with beautiful photographs and great tips written in her friendly, approachable manner. And I’m not just saying that because FTRB is in it(!) You can get it through Amazon or if you want a signed copy, go to Abigail’s site.

See you all Monday!

(Photos by Graham Atkins-Hughes)




HI Ally. I just discovered your lovely blog today and had never heard of Abigail Ahern. Her books looks gorgeous, how lovely to have been added to her Little black book, congratulations. Off to have a further look.


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