I’m thick in the throes of a new project I’d like to tell you about. I’ve been asked by Room Service Atlanta to join them on their latest project at the United Methodist Children’s Home (UMCH). You may remember I teamed up with them in 2011 and that it’s an organization dedicated to transforming the interiors of shelters for homeless families here in Atlanta.  This year, we’re tackling a cottage for girls at UMCH and my space is a lounge that will be used by staff and residents. (Please note the Room Service website has not yet been updated for 2013.)

Here is what the space currently looks like.

As you can see, it needs work! It’s not a large space but it has two large windows so good light and needs some smaller scale furniture, color and pretty accessories.

I think it’s because spring is in the air but I’m really feeling a bright, conservatory vibe for this room. Here are some preliminary inspiration photos I’ve pinned for the project.

Everything that’s currently in the room will go and I’ll be starting from scratch. I’m donating most of the furniture from the FTRB shop but will need paint, window treatments, rug, fabrics, accessories and plants. It all adds up so if you’re feeling inclined to lend a hand, I would really appreciate it! I’ve set up a PayPal donation button (at the top right hand corner) if you’d like to contribute toward the purchase of these items.

Thanks so much in advance for your support! And please stay tuned for updates.

(Photos: via my Pinterest board)



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