Burma Travelogue

***This post was re-posted as it got lost during web maintenance, along with your lovely comments. But I did read them all before they disappeared into the ether and really appreciated them. Thank you!***

Many of you have been asking me to tell you more about my trip to Burma. Well, it’s only been four months(!) and even though I have way more photos and stories, since I don’t know when I’l ever get around to all of them, let me just share some of the highlights.














So there you have it. And that’s the abbreviated version! It’s hard to convey what a special place Burma is but hope I did it justice. Oh, and during my trip, I read The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh and was completely engrossed. It’s an historic novel filled with unforgettable characters and stories spanning decades and countries. One of the best books I’ve read in years. Truly.

We’ve got a concert tonight and then most of my weekend will be spent doing some overdue organizing around the house and working on a couple of new projects. There might be a DIY in the works which I’ll tell you about next week if I pull it off.  (You know my track record with those!)  Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!

(All iPhone photos by FROM THE RIGHT BANK)


  1. dave says:

    Myanmar is truly unique,waiting to be explored…great people ,wonderful culture..Bagan is truly the trip of a lifetime, it is the new Giza.

  2. Samantha says:

    Since my original comment got lost, I’ll post another. New thing learned about Myanmar culture. To say “you’re getting fat” is a compliment. Love these people.

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