Hi, everyone, how have you been? I had a really good trip although the weather was horrendous – I mean, even for London, it was god-awful. But still, I found some fresh inspiration as well as a few souvenirs.

I was so happy I was able to catch the Manet exhibit at the Royal Academy. He is one of my favorite painters and the exhibit inspired me to make time for some painting again. Painting is one of the things I enjoy most in the world but I never do it which makes no sense. So this year, I vow I will.

In the RA bookstore, I also picked up this book by Scottish artist Barbara Rae which I’m devouring. Both of these artists make me re-examine my use of color and that’s always a good thing whether in decorating or creating art.

I didn’t go too crazy on other souvenirs. I picked up some tea, stationery and a Tom Dixon candle. Of the three scents, I liked “Royalty” the best and “Orientalist” second best but had to go with the one in the brass vessel. Of course. (Stateside, you can get them at Mr. Porter or YLighting.) And I guess you heard my whining about Liberty no longer carrying Josef Frank. So no fabrics for me on this trip. Sad face.

I did better on the clothing front though, mostly at the brand new store called & Other Stories. I went on opening day and even though they were already sold out of a lot of things in my size, I made out okay!

So that’s about it. It’s good to be home, especially where it looks and feels like spring. Such a nice change!

(Photos: 1.FROM THE RIGHT BANK linked)




I travel vicariously through you. The Barbra Rae Sketchbook looks pretty interesting. Wonder can I get it online. I’ll have to check and see. Can’t wait to see where you’ll be off to next.

Arlene Gibbs Décor

Welcome back.

The weather has been awful lately! I cannot wait for Spring.

Glad to hear that despite the weather you had a good trip. Very cool photo. Did you take it from inside a taxi/bus?

I wonder if I could find Tom Dixon candles in Rome. Off to research.


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