Stuff’s gettin’ done at home, people and that can only mean one thing. Yup, my mom is in town! Amongst all the stuff she brought (which I always tell her not to bring), she brought yards and yards of this yellow fabric:

She basically said this fabric is awesome and we should do something with it so she brought it with her. It really is great fabric. A super soft and comfortable cotton with a little bit of stretch. So I looked around the house and said, “What about a slipcover for the sofa in the family room?” Well, being the woman who can make anything out of anything, that’s exactly what she made. Freeform. Seriously. No patterns or anything. How did this apple fall so far from the tree? I mean I can barely sew on a button. Β (I wonder if Alexis Stewart feels like I do?) Anyway, ta-da:

A couple of days ago, we had the most beautiful weather and it totally felt like spring so I’m really feeling this yellow now. Well, you know what this means. Time to redecorate the family room around my now new yellow sofa! Let the fun begin!

Mom’s also working her magic in the master bedroom which I’ll show you next week.

Before I leave you for the weekend, let me say for the last time, the Inspiration House is open through Sunday (it’s the last weekend) if you’d like to come and have a look see.

Enjoy your weekend, everybody! See you Monday!






I love the cheerful yellow. My mom’s house used to have that as the field wall color throughout the first floor and it was so happy (and also became a nice neutral). However my mom wouldn’t know which end of a sewing machine was up and I love all things crafty so we’re kind of like Alexis and Martha in reverse. Have a great weekend! Cheers – CT

Heather in Arles

Wait, am I really the only one who went “nuh-uh” after seeing the mega expert cover of the sofa? Have I not been following FTRB long enough? Maybe. Because ‘zat iz zeebomb.


should ya mama want a trip to london where there may, or may not, be a chair awaiting a cover, i’m sure i could line her up some lodgings πŸ˜‰ looks fab!


When I saw the picture of the fabric, I wasn’t too sure about it but the slipcover came out awesome. Well done mama!


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