Ivy, Chandeliers and Questions

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Can someone please tell me what is going on here with the ivy and the light? Initially I thought there was ivy growing out of that chandelier and thought,”How is that happening?”

For a second I thought it may have actually been planted ivy like this:

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

But obviously it’s just cut ivy wrapped around the fixture sort of like in this setup for a wedding:

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

I think this is so pretty. I hadn’t noticed this being done before but I guess it’s a thing because there’s even this fixture (which looks to have a fake plant?):

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

It all kind of reminds me of my Tord Boontje light that was in my old office:

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

But going back to the first photo, this is clearly real ivy. He has it growing out of the cachepot and strewn on the table as well:

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

A chandelier decorated with cut ivy. What a nice idea for a dinner party and lord knows we have plenty of the stuff in our yards in Atlanta. But wouldn’t it be kind of cool if it were actually growing out of it? But how would you even do that? As you can see, I’m intrigued and have a million questions. But aside from the chandelier, I’m also kind of obsessed with this room, especially the architectural details, that green velvet sofa and drapes in a vintage¬†Madeleine Castaing fabric. Not surprisingly, the apartment belongs to an interior designer (Jean-Paul Beaujard). You can see the rest of his apartment here.

(Photos: 1,6.Miguel Flores-Vianna / Architectural Digest 2-4.via Pinterest as linked 5.FROM THE RIGHT BANK)



  1. Marisa

    Reminds me of Rose Tarlow bringing the outside in. Looks really pretty in the photograph. Sort of agree about things dropping in the soup but I guess you’d have the same problem dining outside.

  2. Monika

    I have to say, not crazy about all the ivy. Choose the chandelier, cachepot, or the table, but not all 3! I am intrigued by the ivy on the chandelier, though – that is super unusual and fun!

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