I was doing some real estate stalking the other day and came across this pretty room. Looking closer, I realized, hey, that’s my coffee table!

Isn’t it fun to see something you own in a totally different space?

That table has seen a lot of action in its young life. You may remember it started out in Angela’s living room looking like this:

She then had it powder coated neon pink and moved it to her very cute loft (which by the way, was just featured in the February issue of Atlanta Magazine). It ended up not being right for it so it came home with me where it lived for a while in the family room:

Well, the neon was fun for a while but it became too hard to work with so I made it over in white:

It then made a guest appearance on the showhouse porch the past month:

….. and has now come back home….. where it’s probably going to get another makeover. That’s right.

Angela originally found it at an antique mall and we didn’t know where it came from, who made it, or if it was a one-off or what. Well now at least we know there are others, if not much else. Looking at all these pictures, I’ll say one thing: that is one versatile coffee table!

(Photos: 1.The Painted House 2-4.FROM THE RIGHT BANK 5.MRIS)




I loved the table when Angela had it and I certainly love it now that you have it, Ally. Did you also powder coat it in white or did you spray paint it?


It really is so fun to see your things in other spaces! I think I like the white version best. If it were brass that would be chic too!

I love the tone on tone curtains and walls in that real estate room.

Erin H

If you ever want to get rid of that coffee table please let me know. I’m dying for it!


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