Two New Pillows in One

A while ago I ordered this pillow from Anthropologie and until it arrived, I had no idea it had two different sides. (Way to pay attention!) Here’s what the other side looks like:

Fortunately, I like both sides and that made me wonder why I don’t have more double-sided pillows. Getting two pillows in one is perfect for someone who needs a change every five minutes…..

Anyway, I had bought it thinking it would be cute for the guest room but I’m liking how it looks in the living room. Speaking of the living room, I also added a few souvenirs from Burma which I finally unpacked(!)  I’ll show you those tomorrow. Oh and yes, the lucite table is back. There was too much marble with the side table so it’s going elsewhere which is TBD…..

P.S. Sorry there’s no link for the pillow but it doesn’t seem to be online anymore.


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  1. Ashley says:

    Double-sided pillows are perfect for the fickle among us. I like changing things too much not to have that “other side” option. Looking forward to seeing the souvenirs of your trip (it was great following along via Twitter)!

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