I actually didn’t bring home that much from Burma. We were traveling a lot within the country so we couldn’t be weighed down with a lot of luggage. I also plan on going back someday and there’s always less pressure to scoop up everything when you know it’s not your only trip. Anyway, here are a few really cool things I did get for the house.

Burma’s lacquerware tradition goes back hundreds, maybe even a thousand years. I love traditional handicrafts but with a modern sensibility like this striped tray:

And that little pop of gold on the shelf is a gold leafed bowl sitting on top of another lacquered piece. This one is a box.

The bowl is lacquered on the inside and gold leafed on the outside and what is so cool about it is that it’s made from one extremely thin piece of bamboo. It’s totally pliable! I was worried about it getting crushed in my luggage but it made it unharmed.

I also got some handwoven scarves, a bag, some kitchen things and a watercolor for the dining room art wall. I’m still sorting through photos so I’ll post more about the trip once that’s done.

But while we’re looking at my bookshelves, have you all gotten your copy of Miles Redd’s new book? I love the huge format! All design books should be like this. (By the way, he’s coming here for a talk and book signing as part of the Cathedral Antiques Show. I’m so excited!)

I did a double take when I put it on my shelf because the spine looks exactly like the Vogue Living book. They looked weird next to each other like that so I’ve already rearranged them. You do that too, right?

So what are you up to this weekend? I’m going to a birthday party tonight but otherwise it’s going to be work, work, work. And I thought January was going to be a quiet month! But no complaints here. See you Monday!





Those lacquered pieces are awesome! And, you never know what luggage will travel well. We carried home a set of 12 beautiful crystal water, red wine, and white wine glasses from our honeymoon – even got to see the box get thrown at JFK! They made it home unscathed, and we’re still using them 12 years later. Enjoy that cute gold bowl!


Did you hit Bogyoke Market? I wanted to buy every piece of fabric I saw. I settled for two longyis, three bags and a bunch of pom pom things.

The best part of Burma by far was something I’m trying to bring home – the friendliness and kindliness of the people – kind of a reverse New York attitude.


Oh yes I did! Awesome place – that’s where I got most of my souvenirs. And yes, the people are lovely. Good for you for trying to import that to NY – good luck!!! 😛

Ampersand Design

Love the lacquer ware that you scooped up. I always buy homeware type things whilst on holidays – I love looking at them and reminiscing about my adventures. Your book collection looks amazing – would you mind sharing some of your favourite books with us in a future post?

Sandy K


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