Homes I Love: English and French in Brooklyn

Owners: Vogue contributing editor Miranda Brooks and her husband architect Bastien Halard (nephew of photographer Francois Halard).

Why I love it:  Aside from the English-cottage-meets-French style with a modern twist, what I really love is just how happy it feels, like there is real joyful living going on in all the rooms. It doesn’t look like anyone else’s home; it’s very personal and very original.

I find this house so, so inspiring!

(photos by Francois Halard / Vogue)


  1. Monika says:

    Thanks for sharing these photos – Vogue always squishes them onto the pages of their printed magazine, which is what I read. So nice to see them bigger – I can really appreciate how truly AWESOME this house is. Wonder if they would notice if I moved in?!

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