I thought about skipping this exercise altogether hoping no one would notice because I’m so embarrassed by how much didn’t get crossed off. But, in the interest of honesty, transparency and all that, here we go…..

Here’s what got done:

  • Get all the art lying around framed and hung.
  • Make a decision on the settee in the living room!
  • Reorganize closet – install rack for scarves and hooks for bags, organize jewelry, hang art. 
  • Finish* guest room #1 -finish art wall, find better night stands.

I’d like to add redecorating the dining room and installing an art wall even though it wasn’t on the list.

In the almost there category:

  • Finish* office – hang art, organize.
  • Rearrange art studio and organize all art supplies.
  • Finish* guest room #2 – get blinds, hang art. (I also want to paint the dresser.)
  • Finish* the master bedroom – finish hanging art, find light for entry. (I also want to figure out window treatments.)

And in the epic fail department we have:

  • Finish* master bath – find new shades for sconces, get new rug(s), find towel rack, hang art, add mirrors.
  • Finish* the family room. (For the love of god, let’s finish this room already!)
  • Do something with the laundry room.
  • Redo entry – reupholster Napoleon settee, find rug. 

For 2013, I just want to finish up what’s above and finish off the main living spaces so I can start tackling secondary areas like hallways, closets, the pantry, wet bar, etc. I’m also thinking I want to do something dramatic with our foyer and spruce up the garden some more. So many ideas!

I think my theme for this year in all of the projects is going to be elegant but relaxed and above all, interesting – all the things I think of whenever I look at old photos of Hamish Bowles’ Paris apartment like these (which I do often). There are so many things for the eye to fall on and all of it is just so pretty but not in an OTT fussy way.

But first things first, I need to finish unpacking all these bags, do some cleaning, purging and organizing. Doesn’t that sound like an exciting weekend??? Believe it or not, it’s all I want to do so I can start the year off on the right foot.

Have a good one, see you Monday!

(Photo: World of Interiors)





I have to say, I was just in the same place–thinking about skipping the check in on last year’s list because it is so incomplete. It’s all an evolution, though, right? More of my list has changed than been completed. Blogs can expose how much we change our mind, and how long it can all take. Your place is looking great, and I, for one, am glad that you are transparent with the ups and downs of your process. Happy New Year!


Framing art and then deciding where to hang it is a big pain in the butt, so give yourself a break! Plus, you do work full-time – it’s impossible to do everything if you want to have a life.


No worries for not finishing the list. Better to overshoot than not push yourself enough by setting simple goals. It’s all about just trying to be better :)


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