We’re doing an earlier-than-planned reveal today! I’ve been helping my good friend Eryn pull her cute condo together for a while and we were making some good progress when long story short, she found out she has to move out by the end of the month! Talk about stressful! So even though it’s not finished, we did a quick photo shoot to record her living room before she has to pack it all up. (We did the shoot on the fly and it was dark out so be kind!)

She had a lot of really great, mostly vintage pieces (she can shop like nobody’s business!) so it was just a matter of freshening up and tweaking. The first big thing we did was to reupholster her awesome midcentury couch. As you can see it has great bones so it just needed a facelift.

We’re both thrilled with how it turned out. The texture is awesome and the couch looks and feels totally luxe now. I picked up the pillows at the monthly Scott’s Market a while ago and Eryn found all the other accessories at vintage and thrift stores, including the huge, gorgeous Persian style rug which she got for a song!


If you’re interested in the fabric, no one seems to have the manufacturer info but this is a shot of the tag at Forsyth Fabrics. We did it in gray but it comes in blue, green, red and some other colors too.


The other thing we did that had major impact was installing the art wall.

Eryn had collected all of these paintings, etchings and drawings over time (I always love that!) so we took a bunch of them and used my tried and true lay-everything-out-on-the-floor-first method.

From the floor to the wall:


It’s sad we didn’t get to finish the entire condo but I’m glad we got to at least document this room. It was such a fun project!





Awesome. The fabric looks so different close-up compared to on the sofa. You achieved a great eclectic mix. Of course, love the art wall!

Angela @ A Pink Sunset

Wow, it looks amazing! I love what you did to the couch, it really adds to the whole feel of the room. I’m sorry she has to move sooner than expected, but hopefully you can help her out with her next place and we can see that as well! :)


A Persian rug for a song? Upholstery-weight fabric that fabulous for $30/yard? I am green with envy. Discovering that this beautiful space was furnished on a budget and largely from thrift stores is wonderful!


So fun! Love a good art wall! I always lay them out on the floor first. I feel like so many people try and make it much more complicated than it needs to be, with butcher paper, and precise measurements.


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