Art Collection Envy

With everyone’s taste in art being so personal and subjective, it’s not often that I like every single piece of art on display in one home like this one. When it comes to visual art I love a wide range of styles and media – old masters, expressionism, conceptual, video….. and in this home, I really appreciate the variety as well as the individual pieces themselves.

The entry really rocks my world because of the art. Chips by Michael Lindeman is a collection of shrunken chip bags! And the white sculpture by Huseyin Sami is called Winter Mobile. I think I need to start searching for something sculptural like that for our foyer…..

(Photos by Mark Roper /Inside Out)


  1. I believe that every space has it’s own piece of art, it is just not always found . . . I love your choice – this house looks exceptionally good because of these pieces of art.

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