Good morning! How was your Christmas? We made it up to DC on Christmas eve and had a great day yesterday feasting, catching up with relatives, going to see the national and capitol Christmas trees (a family tradition) ….. and feasting some more. My mom does not mess around when it comes to food so we’re all stuffed to the gills and will be until we go home!

And speaking of trees, everyone loves white birch logs, right? They are the perfect thing to decorate with this time of year but given my penchant for everything white, I like them all year round. Remember this cool table:

I still want to do this!

I had gone searching for some logs this spring but didn’t have any luck and then I sort of forgot about it. But just before leaving for my trip I found some when I was shopping for decorations.

(If you’re local, I got them at Lucy’s.) I think they’re so pretty and you know what? They’re going to sit and look pretty for a long time because we will not be burning them. At $10 a log (yes, $10 for one log), that’s as close to the fireplace as they’re going to get!

(Photos: 1.Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles 2-4.FROM THE RIGHT BANK)




One time I found three birch branches on the street that were being thrown out by a pet store. I dragged them home and barely got them in the elevator. The embarrasment was excruciating. But I got free birch in the middle of Brooklyn.


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