I always really get into Christmas decorating but between my big Burma trip and spending Christmas out of town, I’ve run out of time and steam to do the house up right this year. I managed a wreath, some garland and a little mantlescaping but not much else so let me share what some other people are doing.

To me there is nothing better than a big, full, beautifully decorated tree, but I also enjoy unconventional ones like these. Some of them are gorgeous, some are fun and some are just plain weird but what I appreciate is the creativity that goes into all of them.

Have you all gotten your trees?

(All photos via Pinterest as linked.)



Kim @ See Kim Decorate

Burma!?! I’m jealous! I hope you’ll post all about it so I can live vicariously!

And I’m in the same boat as far as a Christmas tree goes. I may just stick my small pink one up and call it a day.


Great collection of images. Just about to start making decorations, so timely inspiration. I’m going for all handmade this Christmas. Have a wonderful time in Burma Ally- lucky you. My Dad said that being there was like travelling in the 60s, Ingrid


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