Hello, hello!

So much for my plans for blogging during my trip! The internet situation made it impossible to spend any length of time online. (We basically had either no connection, a really weak connection or a good connection that was painfully S-L-O-W.) In a strange way, it’s nice to know there are still places left in the world where you’re not plugged in all the time.  Once I got over the initial jitteriness, I actually enjoyed being cut off and just being present where I was.

I’ll have to share some of my trip with you but right now, we’re heading straight out of town again to spend Christmas with my family. Even though we just got home, it was the only way our schedules would work so we’re going with it. I guess it’s a fitting way to end an especially busy travel year!

I hope you have a wonderful, merry holiday with your loved ones! See you a bit later in the week!

(Photo taken at our hotel in Yangon, Myanmar.)



a perfect gray

ally! I was just thinking of you and wondering how your trip was going. merry christmas to one of my favorites and best wishes for a wonderful new year. donna

Kate @ Travelmoon

Can’t wait to see photos! That is a place I really would love to visit and want to hear all about your time there! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

P.S. Love to hear that it was hard to get internet connection I do like to hear that there are still places like that too :)


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