At the other end of the spectrum from the bargain lighting I talked about yesterday, the Tord Boontje Swarovski Blossom chandelier costs more than my first car. I love all of his work but this has to be the most exquisite thing he’s ever created and that’s why it’s on my Ultimate Wish List.*

It comes in Blossom:

Night Blossom:

and Spring Blossom:

It’s truly a work of art.

Here are a few shots of it in situ:

It’s probably best known for being in one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s homes:

I admit that initially this was almost enough to make me not want it (I was never what you’d call a fan) but ever since I watched the On the Road Again series, I’ve been okay with her. And there’s no denying she has taste. As a side note, if you are into Spain and Spanish food and you haven’t seen the show, I highly recommend it.

(Photos: 1-4.Tord Boontje 5.Elle Decor 6.Decorpad 7.House & Garden)


The winner of the Ace Hardware gift card is Jamie Tubbs! Congratulations, Jamie, we’ll email you shortly.




LOVE!!! How much does it cost, by the way? Just curious – and of course the price is not on his site – which means I can’t afford it!


I saw it in the local Swarowski showroom and it’s absolutely exquisite. I particularly love the two variations you posted on the top.

Mel Blum

They have a very similar chandelier in the dining room of the Goring Hotel in London where Kate spent the night before her wedding. The dining room is lovely and was designed by David Linley.


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