Thank You

I know I said we’d get back to decorating today but I feel like I need to say a few things about yesterday’s post before moving on.


First and foremost, thank you all for keeping the comments civilized and respectful.

The other thing I’d like to say is the main reason for that post was to explain why I didn’t have a regular blog post. Seriously, I was just being a diligent blogger. I’m very conscientious about posting daily and at the end of the day Tuesday, I realized just how completely exhausted I was from being anxious about the election and I just didn’t have it in me to produce a post about wallpaper or coffee tables.

That really was the only reason so I was taken aback when someone interpreted the post as gloating. For anyone else who read some sort of ill intent behind the post, I hope this clears things up.

So…… thank you all again for the really thoughtful, rational and polite comments and emails and for keeping it dignified around here. I appreciate you all more than I can say.

Back to decorating tomorrow. For real this time! (Thank goodness the election only comes around every four years…..)


  1. Jenny Komenda

    As soon as I finished reading your (very thoughtful) post here, my mind read your disclaimer at the end (Republishing is strictly prohibited) as “Republicans strictly prohibited.” Ha!


  2. Irene Turner

    No, thank YOU for your post. I didn’t take it as gloating at all, although I’m on the same page as you. Rather I thought what courage you had to post about your own personal beliefs. As a blogger I do try to keep things neutral and all encompassing so I wish people happy Hannukka, Happy Ramadan and of course Merry Christmas. It was hard this election to keep my thoughts to myself with so much at stake and I did release some of my thoughts on Facebook and google plus. But all in all, I like you am VERY relieved and thank YOU for posting your personal message.

  3. Kiana

    I think it’s nice that you explained here, but I don’t think you needed to. This is your blog and you can write whatever you like. If people don’t want to read your blog from now on, that’s their business.
    Love from Spain!

  4. Candice@NotesfromABroad

    I have seen people say the most innocent things on their blogs lately and be attacked for it. I don’t think it is so much what you/they wrote but how everyone is taking things wrong lately. I have never seen such division and anger in all my memories of elections and I found that it was safest to pretend it wasn’t happening when I blogged. I am so sorry that anyone was unkind and rude to you. It was not your fault, it was them. Never feel responsible when someone else is nasty.
    I agree with Kiana, wholeheartedly, it is Your blog, you can write what you want .
    Besitos from Argentina, where the people just showed their government what they think .. ( see the World news :)

  5. Delishhh

    I read your blog but don’t comment much, but after reading your post yesterday and today i have to say good for you! I am Swedish living in the US, i can’t vote, but as a Swede you probably know who i would vote for coming from a country that takes care of their citizen, offer free schooling, healthcare etc. etc. I was just reading the comments of your last post and good for you for keeping cool with some of them. Anyways keep up the great work!

  6. Emily R

    Just one last thought. As I read through the comments from yesterday a few people stated that you’d lost a reader since they didn’t agree with your post. I have to ask myself, do they not have any acquaintances that disagree with them – ever? While I lean left, I have many friends that lean right. With some I can have a very meaningful discussion and with a small amount of others we have decided it is a topic that we shall not discuss. But that is the beauty in life. If we were all the same it would be boring! If I were to read a blog that stated they were disappointed that Romney had lost it would not change my readership. It is truly their loss.

  7. Simone

    I don’t live in America so I am unaware of how emotionally charged politics is there. I do however read a lot of blogs and have noticed a few bloggers being attacked for their views. I though America was about free speech and independence. Has your life really been significantly impacted because a blogger posted a fairly sedate blog post?
    People are becoming so intolerant and hateful.
    If the worst thing that happens to you is a blogger stating an opinion then you are doing very well in life.
    Regardless of who you voted for or support here is a much bigger picture.

Thanks so much for taking time to comment! I read every one and reply through my own comments.