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I normally treat this blog like a dinner party; that is to say I stay away from politics and religion. But this election was just too epic and I can’t really think about pillows and paint colors today. I’m taking the day off to breathe again and take it all in. This was my first presidential election living in a red state and it really took it out of me. (We did have the best slogan ever though.) I promise we’ll get back to decorating, dinner party etiquette and all just getting along tomorrow. Have a great day!


  1. Mary

    Not sure why you want to alienate potentially 50% of your audience. Politics should remain private. A bit too raw today!


      I thought about that but in the end I decided (and I hope you and other readers will agree) there’s no reason we can’t enjoy discussing design just because we have different political views – especially since this is the first time in 4 years of blogging that I’ve ever made any mention of it.

  2. Jenny B

    The comment above about alienating 50% of your audience is why people don’t talk about politics on blogs. It seems people nowadays can only listen to people who have exactly the same political beliefs as they do. That is what is wrong with this country and why it is so polarized.

  3. Mary

    I respect your political views – I am just saying that it may be a bit raw for the 50% who may not be happy today and are avoiding the reminder of a very contentious election season. I have many people in my life that are celebrating today and do listen to what they have to say but today I would like to sit with my feelings and I thought I could read blogs without having it be an issue. I have to say this is the first out of over 300 blogs I follow that has mentioned politics other than the usual “Vote”. No contention – just a statement. Have a great day!
    @JennyB – My best friend/sister is a huge Obama supporter…I talk to her every day we share a love of decorating and never let politics interfere with our relationship…I do agree that we have a polarized country and hope that we can find some common ground.

  4. Ampersand Design

    Even though I’m from Australia, I followed the election closely. I’m as delighted with the result as I was 4 years ago. Congratulations to President Obama! II agree with Jenny, political discussion should not be taboo. Open discussion is what is needed in order for things to change and improve. We desperately need that attitude here in Australia.

    Sandy K

  5. Emily R

    I think you made the right choice. It’s a personal opinion, but it is also a personal blog. And you didn’t put down the other side with any negative comments. If you aren’t happy with the way today turned out, lets talk about it in grownup terms. Not having open, honest, and intelligent discussions, and instead being rigid is what has led us to the place we are in.

    And believe me – I’ve remember what it’s like to wake up and your party didn’t win. But you must soldier on.

  6. Valorie Hart - The Visual Vamp

    I love New Orleans, and Louisiana is beautiful state with beautiful people, but as a transplanted New Yorker I often feel odd seeing that red on the map of where I now live ha ha.
    New Orleans is Obama land, a saving grace indeed.
    And as the President said, these are United States. Amen!
    xo xo

    xo xo

  7. kim

    It was nice to see and share your Happiness. I too live in a solid red state so I know what it’s like. I so hope for less partisan nastiness and more celebration of our shared differences.

  8. Heidi

    Faithful reader, very infrequent commenter.
    Thank you for having the courage to say this. I can’t help but think that if we could all just respectfully share what we believe, maybe things would be less polarized and we’d actually get some more good things done.

  9. Elizabeth

    I agree with Mary above, you are entitled to write on your blog whatever you wish. And at the same time she is right, there is 50% of the country that is sad, depress, dismayed, and raw about the election.

    I wonder why it is that because Mary is not happy with the victor that she is not allowed a comment which states that she came here to read about design, not politics. I also wonder if all of the Obama supporters would be as gracious as she is if Romney won.

    Just a thought.

    I hope that whatever our political affiliation, that we can encourage our representatives to work TOGETHER for the good of the country, and not themselves. In every relationship there is give and take and frankly there has been none of that the last 4 years, and that is a fact that both parties agree on.

    Have a great day, Elizabeth


    Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and most of all for keeping things respectful. This post wasn’t meant to be gloating and I think most of you got that, regardless of which side you are on. I really appreciate how rational and polite you are all being toward me and to each other so thank you!!!

  11. Molly

    Well you should keep politics to yourself rather than risk loosing 50% of your audience. Engaging in intellectual dialogue about national issues is one thing but rubbing it in the faces of those who are truly fearful of where this man is taking the country and what is to come is poor, poor judgement! Gloat all you want from here on out …you’ve lost me as a reader and I feel certain I am not alone!

  12. Adrienne

    I don’t know why this should be any more alienating than declaring that you are happy your favorite team won. People get just as (if not more) raw (and mean and nasty) about that. And I don’t see any gloating here, just a mention about the guy you supported winning.

  13. Dawn

    Well, actually, yes you are gloating whether you want to admit it or not. And it isn’t a great day when the country is so far in debt we’ll never see our way out and now have another four years to accumulate even more.

  14. Arlene Gibbs Décor

    You are not gloating. I can’t believe anyone would say such a thing. It’s a sad state of affairs when someone cannot express a non controversial opinion on a personal blog without people getting upset.

    This election was very important and design does not happen in a vacuum.

  15. Kristen Craven

    WOOHOO!! My husband & I are ecstatic over Obama’s reelection. We live in Louisiana and you don’t see many Obama bumper stickers here, we can’t even discuss politics with our families and most friends!! :( ..but who did we vote for- Obama! YA’LL :D

  16. Razmataz

    Since when did blogging have to be all fluff and frou-frou. We should all be encouraged to voice our opinions on politics. Discussion, debate and yes, conflict create new trains of thought and expand our knowledge base, as well our perception of others. Good on Mary for expressing her thoughts. Not so goon on the reader who won;t follow any more because she felt you should hold your thoughts. I don’t like hostile and argumentative debate, however my mind, views and opinions and bias’s have often been challenged in engaging and respectful debate, and each time I have come away with a learning experience. Why on earth should your views on issues of substance be silenced because you are expected to entertain us with Dinner Party chat.

  17. Jen Victoor

    Well for all the readers that are never going to read your blog again because you are speaking “your” opinion on “your” blog and because you are “gloating” about an Obama victory rest assured you are gaining new readers too. It makes me so sad to see such narrow mindedness and such an unwillingness to come together as American people. Does anyone not remember the days and months after 9/11 where we stood together as Americans to rebuild a nation torn apart? Wow how did we get so far gone!!

  18. Karena

    Ally I came on back to comment on your post. I admit I am very worried about our country and the economy, etc. That said your support of the President isn’t about you personally or rather having to be polarized because of it!

    I pray the president will find a way to unite the house and senate and get through solutions to the issues that are affecting the majority of our country.
    Art by Karena

    • Katie

      This President is the most divisive President we have had in our history. You can’t first pit poor against rich, black against white and think that after the votes are counted you are going to have people come together. For all of you worried about the economy and jobs, just remember poor people don’t create jobs. The rich that you so sorely hate are the job creators. Romney has a proven record of creating jobs, but the parasites that suck off of government don’t want them. Obama has increased the welfare rolls, the food stamp rolls, unemployment benefits and now he is spilling over into disability benefits all without a requirement to attempt to find employment. If this is the country you want then the next four years will continue to fulfill your dreams. For what it’s worth, this is your blog and you do have a right to express your political opinions, but it is also a sure way of turning off a lot of your readers.

  19. antonia dosik

    I recently read that one of the ways to have a productive discussion around issues is to start with areas where there is agreement (rather then focus on areas where there is disagreement).

    I wonder if all of us (of whatever party) can post those items where we have agreement. I am a lifelong Democrat and voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. That said, here are some of the areas where I think I would agree with my Republican friends:

    1. The debt is of great concern (the debt is the accumulation; the deficit is this year’s difference between revenue/expenses). We need to have a productive discussion about this. Almost every President of whatever party has had to struggle with this.
    2. There are about 47% of people in this country who don’t pay taxes. This is of concern to me because the largest section of those are too poor to pay taxes. It would be much better for all of us if there were less poor people.
    3. Our income tax system seems to be out of whack. We might disagree on how it should be fixed (and who should pay more or pay less), but there is something wrong when there is an increasing gap between rich and poor, which basically means the middle class is shrinking. This is characteristic of third world countries, not something that has historically been true of the US.
    4. Something is going on with our climate. We need to look at this more.
    5. While many people are out of work, there are simultaneously jobs that are not being filled because people do not have the skills to fill them. We should be looking more closely at this.

    Those are mine. Are there others people would like to suggest?

  20. Ambrosia

    I felt compelled to leave a comment. I love your blog! That being said, this is YOUR blog and you can write whatever you want. That’s the beauty of freedom of speech. I was very happy with the outcome :)

  21. Kim R

    I’m a little late in the game on this, but I also feel the need to comment. I was actually disappointed that most blogs I follow AVOIDED the topic of the election, because like another commenter said, design doesn’t happen in a vacuum! And lets be honest, a big draw to personal (design, craft, whatever) blogs is the PERSONAL aspect. So whether you “gloat” about your candidate (you didn’t), lament about your loss, encourage voting for a certain candidate, or even mention your religion — who cares?! We are all individuals entitled to our opinions, and a lot of the time I find bloggers with differing opinions from my own the most interesting, especially when they are willing to share ideas/view points that might not appease every single reader.

    But, I have to agree, go Obama! And I truly believe had Romney won and bloggers I followed been happy about it — it would not have changed my opinion of them whatsoever!

  22. D

    I find the “your on one side or the other” stance that americans have to be so alienating. Is it really that hard to just get along with each other? i’m pretty sure you can post whatever you please on your own blog, lol… so silly!

  23. Hilary

    Well–you gained a new reader here–it was mentioned on another blog that you had been unfairly criticized for expressing an opinion about (gasp) politics and that it was a shame that people can’t do such a thing on a blog, on facebook, in regular conversation, on bumper stickers, etc. It peeked my interest and made my heart warm that someone would take the time out of doing what they love to acknowledge an historical day in American culture. Congrats to you and thank-you (I stumbled upon your lovely blog in the process)!

  24. Corinne

    I wonder if the comments would be so kind if your thoughts were opposite? What if you expressed a little sadness that Obama won? Seems all the comments here are supportive since they support your side.

  25. Susan

    love that you shared your opinion and feelings on your personal blog!
    Thank you! More interesting than hearing that someone’s favorite sports team won or a favorite lipstick color was discontinued.