Ceiling Light Installed

Hi, guys, how was your Thanksgiving? It was so nice to take a five-day weekend! I think we need more of those….. I got so much done around the house! For starters, we got that ceiling light in the master installed. (I was so happy it arrived before the long weekend.)

You may remember this is the space:

(Yes, that’s the painting from the family room. That room is getting another makeover!)

The reason I wanted a ceiling mount was so that it couldn’t be seen when you approached the room. The one that was there originally hung partially below the doorframe and it drove me crazy.

Here’s a shot looking up so you can see where it went:

Overall, I’m very happy with it. I didn’t want to spend very much since it’s not something I’m going to take with me if/when we move next and the quality is great for the price.

I was so used to this space being dark it’s a revelation to have light! (I saw it needed to be vacuumed a lot better! Yikes!)

Check another item off of the 2012 To Do List!



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