Some of My Favorite Rooms of All Time by Jeffrey Bilhuber

I’ve been revisiting some of my favorite spaces for inspiration lately and I realized that so many of them are designed by Jeffrey Bilhuber. I die for this room. Okay, I die for all of these rooms. (I mean, they are some of my favorite of all time, after all!)

No one mixes colors and patterns in unexpected ways better than he does. He’s just a master. I also can’t think of anyone who is better at creating warm and inviting spaces that are also extremely tasteful and sophisticated.

He’s also not afraid of burgundy!

If you don’t already own his book, The Way Home, you must run out and get it immediately. I don’t have Defining Luxury though. Do any of you have it and if so, would you recommend it?

(Photos: Rizzoli, Architectural Digest)


  1. Monika says:

    My favorite is the first one! I have his Design Basics book, and it is SO boring. I read it once and haven’t opened it since. I guess I’ll have to get The Way Home and Defining Luxury – I am sure they’re both spectacular! You should do posts on favorite books – you do every once in a while, but it would be cool if you could make it a series, like your Art Walls (some of my fave posts, BTW!).

  2. Ingrid says:

    Hello Ally,
    Interesting post- had never heard of this interior designer. His style reminds me a bit of Kit Kemp (who I am a huge fan of). A good reminder that you almost can’t go wrong if you go bold!

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