New Dining Room Art Wall

I did it! I finally created the massive art wall I’ve been wanting forever!

You may remember I had our photography collection hanging here before. But this is the only big wall in the entire house that isn’t broken up by windows or doors so I decided to incorporate all of our paintings and other art with the photography and turn it into the art wall of my dreams.

I was going to just do the one wall but ended up carrying the art around the entire room.

I love, love walking in here and seeing all of my favorite art in one place. A lot of the pieces were bought on trips so they carry some great memories. There are five continents represented here!

By the way, did you notice the white chairs got new fabric? It’s part of a re-design of this room that is almost finished. I know, I sort of just slipped that one by you, didn’t I? It’s nothing drastic. I’m just adding some other colors. That seems to be my M.O. these days.

Now, I need a massage. All that hanging was some serious work!



  1. Leah Moss says:

    Haa haa Ally! I totally thought of you and your art walls this weekend when I was installing an art wall for a project I’m in the midst of! And it was a dining room too :) I just posted a few blurry pictures. So fun to pop over here and see your amazing dining room!

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