This may be my favorite roundup of art walls to date and I think it’s because not only are the walls put together really well but so is everything else in these spaces.

In the room above the rustic table is a great contrast with the vintage Turkish rug and modern seating and lighting.

This is another fab light fixture and it ties everything in this room together perfectly:

By extending the black and whites and neutrals of the art wall to all of the accessories, a beautiful neutral space was created here:

The wall sculpture mixed in with two-dimensional art is also really stunning and adds great texture. (I also happen to own a zebra rug, Panton chair and lucite table so this space just feels familiar to me.)

This huge, gorgeous wall is balanced by the equally large collection of African art and books here:

Here’s another room in the same apartment as the first photo which has another great mix of old and new pieces:

Aren’t the architectural details and those floors fantastic?

Yup, this is definitely my favorite round up yet.

(Photos: 1,2.Elle Decor Denmark 3.via Analog Dialog Tumblr 4.House and Home 5.New York Times)




Lovely inspiration pics. Love a good picture wall, am often playing around to get them right. I kinda like it when everything’s not exactly perfect, a cm out here or there – stops it from being too magaziney and makes it more “real home” if you know what I mean x

Georgina Fars

Thanks! You just gave me an idea on what to do with my wall. I have a couple of frames and just scattered it all over the house. Your wall looks so neat.


This is a fabulous post. I pinned every single image. I collect african art and books, and contemporary art. I love the way these spaces are so rich in culture, style and context.


Hello Ally, Love the first shot and the one with the man standing in front of the fruit and flowers pictures. Do you know his name? Would love to see more of his house, so beautiful and unique.


Hi, Ingrid, I believe the artist in the last shot is named Nick Cave. I don’t have the link but you can search him on the New York Times for the full feature of his home. It is a really interesting home.


Thanks so much for taking time to comment! I read every one and reply through my own comments.