Jacques Grange-Designed Office for Aerin

I just have to share the office Jacques Grange designed for Aerin Lauder’s new home/fashion business not because I have a girl crush on her like all the bloggers seem to but because he’s one of my favorite designers and I always love his work.

What I like best about the design is that it’s professional but also feels like a home. The large beautiful art and statement pieces are all really well chosen and I love all of the white which keeps the light-filled space bright and airy. There is also a decidedly feminine feeling to the entire office which perfectly suits a home and fashion business.

(Photos by Pieter Estersohn via Architectural Digest)


  1. Monika says:

    Ally, you are totally correct when you said it is homey but professional – I would love my home office to look this chic! The artwork is just spectacular.

  2. Donna Benedetto says:

    Love her offices, do you by chance know the manufacturer of the blue and green velvet sofa fabric?
    I am on the hunt for it for a project.

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