I’m doing the quarterly check-in on my 2012 to do list and there are still way too many things that aren’t crossed off but just about item is at least partially done…..

Get all the art lying around framed and hung.
Everything is framed and almost everything is hung so we’re very close on this one.

Finish* the family room.
We’re 90% finished. A reveal is coming very soon.

Make a decision on the settee in the living room!

Finish* master bath – find new shades for sconces, get new rug(s), find towel rack, hang art, add mirrors.
I have a feeling this one is going to go into 2013…..

Reorganize closet – install rack for scarves and hooks for bags, organize jewelry, hang art.

Finish* guest room #1 -finish art wall, find better night stands.
Done! Yay! If you missed it, the reveal is here.

Finish* guest room #2 – get blinds, hang art.

Finish* the master bedroom – finish hanging art, find light for entry.

Finish* office – hang art and organize.
Almost done.

Rearrange art studio and organize all art supplies.
Almost done.

Do something with the laundry room – possibly wallpaper.

Redo entry – reupholster Napoleon settee, find rug.
Still trying to decide on fabric! I know, I’m the worst.

Okay, one more quarter to go in 2012. Realistically I don’t think I’ll get to the laundry room or finish the master bath but I think I can do the rest if I really put my mind to it….. I’m going to start with guest room #2 this weekend. A good friend of ours from France is coming to visit next week and I’d love to have the room 100% done before he arrives. Wish me luck!

Have a good one, see you Monday!

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Ally you really have done a lot! There is nothing like a guest arriving or having a party to motivate one!

Art by Karena

Sweet Freak

Egads. Only about an hour ago, I realized there’s one more quarter to 2012. Crazy, no?? At least YOU have been very productive! This has been my laziest year in ages… but… there are three months left to turn that around… Bon weekend, Ally!


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