You may have noticed that I’ve started another category recently called Interesting Homes. I did that because I love looking at real homes and how people live even if they aren’t necessarily my personal style. I think that’s why I feature so many homes on FTRB that could be described as bohemian. You know the ones – quirky, layered, often a bit cluttered. Even if those homes are a little too much for me personally, I find them to be the most interesting because it’s that stuff that tells you who the owners are and something about their lives. I guess I’m just a big voyeur!

That’s why I was drawn to this Berlin apartment of artist Zora Mann. There are so many things to take in and none of it seems superfluous or just for show; you get the sense that this is how she really lives. I think some designers can go too far in wanting to make things look good. After all, homes are for living in first and foremost.

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Since I got back from my trip, I’ve been really trying to get organized for the rest of the year because things are getting very busy. Looking at my calendar, there isn’t going to be a lot of free time so even though I just got home, I’m getting ready to go on a little shopping road trip. I need to do some scouting for projects and to stock my shop (big announcement about that coming soon) and next week looks like the only chance I’ll have for a while. So, FTRB will be coming to you from somewhere in southern Georgia/northern Florida next week. I’ve never been down there so it should be an adventure! If you have any good antique/vintage shopping spots in the region, please leave them in the comments or shoot me an email.

Thanks so much and have a great weekend!

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Artsy Forager

Oh, North Florida is my former ‘hood! There are some wonderful antique stores in downtown Fernandina Beach ( Amelia Island )– Seven Flags Antique Mall and Trailer Park are my faves. My sister-in-law just opened a booth at Trailer Park– Atomic Antiques, booth #55 and specializes in mid-century furnishings. She also has a booth at Avonlea Antiques in Jacksonville, if you’ll be going into Jax. The Riverside/Avondale area in Jax has a bunch of really fun antique stores. The beach, Ponte Vedra & St. Augustine are also great spots for antiquing & shopping. Email me if you need any recommendations for restaurants, galleries, etc. in and around Jacksonville!

Christina, Esq

I love that the books serve as wall at of sorts- this is my husbands dream for our new home! Always amazing to see other people’s living spaces, tons of inspiration!


I’m so excited to hear about your shop! I wish I had something to add for antique stores. I feel like any great Frenchy furniture I’ve found on eBay and Etsy come from that vacinity as well as Louisianna. I imagine that there are amazing, huge warehouses full of imported or 1920s reproduction pieces that are waiting to be discovered. Here’s to hoping its you!


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