If you follow me on Pinterest you know that one of my more active boards is the “Vacation House” board. It’s where I’m collecting images of my ideal vacation house, one where I would like to live part of the year after retirement. (It’s never too early to start planning for these things, you know. Plus, planning is half the fun!)

The funny thing is I’m not really a beach person. Lying out in the sun bores me after about 10 minutes and I’m not fond of tropical climates. However, I absolutely love the ocean; it’s my happy place. I also love the relaxed atmosphere that normally characterize these types of locales.

How cool would a house that is literally on the water be?

Probably not too realistic so I’ll settle for just being on the water like this:

As for the interior, I envision a lot of white and modern:

mixed with native furnishings:

And I’ve always, always wanted an outdoor shower and what better place for one than a vacation house in the tropics:

Of course I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a few totally conflicting ideas at the same time!  There’s a little part of me that is drawn to the countryside too, especially if it could be in a place as gorgeous as this:

So that is where my head is at these days. Stay tuned to see where it goes next or follow me on Pinterest.

(Photos: via Pinterest as linked)



Heather in Arles

The grass is so always greener. Like you I love the IDEA of the beach but not the actual “It is so hot why am I broiling myself?” feeling of it. Hence, I haven’t been this summer. I know. Might go for my bday for sunset apero with rosé and my honey…

Ice Beautiful

I am not a beach person too. A seaside house near the cold sea would work for me best. The first and the last picture are my absolutely favorite!


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