So the poor Napoleon settee is still waiting to be upholstered. The holdup (as usual) is my fear of commitment. I can’t decide on color/pattern, to paint/not paint, etc. Sometimes I really wish I were one of those people who can just make a decision and stick to it. You know the ones. They crank out projects like this daily while I’m staring at fabric samples and contemplating infinite variations of paint colors for months on end.

But I’m not and here we are. The one thing I do know is I don’t want to play it safe with this one like I have with all my other upholstery projects.  And because this settee will go in the foyer, I don’t have to worry about how it will work with anything else. (There’s only a wooden chest there now.) So it’s my chance to totally let loose. Weirdly, that’s only making things worse.

Anyway, here are some of the many thoughts I have had about this settee. First there was the safe option:

Keep the wood and use a nice, plain, neutral fabric. (Just in case I wanted to use it in another room.) But like I said this is the one time I can totally go nuts so and I want to take advantage of it.

A slightly bolder move would be to paint it gold and use a color that I’m too scared to use in another room:

Pink is always good. I’m also so loving this shade of green right now:

But these are still pretty safe options and what I really want to do is use a bold pattern.

L’Arbre de Matisse by Quadrille is still on my mind. But I’ve also had my eye on “Breakwater” by Christopher Farr for a while now and think it would look better:

Isn’t it kind of awesome? I’m thinking in yellow:

This would look great with a gold frame or I could get really crazy and paint it a contrasting color. As you can see, we’re not even close to the finish line on this one!

(Photos:1,4,5.via Pinterest as linked.2.via Trouvais 3.Domino 6,7.Lonny 8.Christopher Farr)




Tokyo Jinja

Ally, As long as you go with something that absolutely speaks to your heart – and don’t compromise on this – it will be fabulous! And ironically, even if it seems like a crazy fabric/pattern/color, I bet you would be able to mix it in with your others items down the road.


Hey Ally, my vote is for the Billy Baldwin Matisse pattern – I loved patterned sofas. x Ingrid p.s the pink is pretty fun too…


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