Hotel Picks From The Right Bank: Homey and Stylish Ett Hem, Stockholm

Every time I see a new hotel in Stockholm I think, “That’s where I’m going to stay when I go!” That’s because each one is better than the last. But this time I think I really mean it! And no wonder, this is the new Ett Hem designed by one of my idols, Ilse Crawford. Each of her projects is also better than the last!

I love everything going on in this bath:

and this is the prettiest kitchen I’ve seen in a very long time:

Ett Hem was designed to feel more like a home than a hotel and I’d say they succeeded. It really does feel like a house ….. a really beautiful house of some very stylish inhabitants, that is!

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(Photos: Ett Hem and Conde Nast Traveller)


  1. Ingrid says:

    Looks terrific. I met Ilse Crawford once. She was wearing a grey silk boiler suit and brightly colored high heels on a building site. & she looked incredibly fabulous!

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